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I’m very excited to launch my series of features about hair on StyleOnTheCouch.  When it comes to my hair, Blog Reader, I’m fiercely protective about my locks and passionate about keeping them in good condition.  My identity is kinda linked to my hair – if there happens to be more than one Sarah in my group, I’m easily differentiated by being ‘the one with the (big, curly) hair’.  I’ll likely eschew a manicure or a massage in favour of a blow dry because in my mind, a good hair day is a good day all round.

Back in London last month it was time to locate a new salon.  The kind folks from Sassoon got in touch about visiting their South Molton St, London location for a hair makeover and I was there faster than you can say the word mistletoe….

Sasson Salons Vidal Sassoon StyleOnTheCouch Hair styling

I admit to being a little skeptical at first because my knowledge of Sassoon was poker straight hair and 60s style pixie bobs.  After a consultation with Neville Zammit, Senior Colourist and Paul Cynberg, Creative Stylist (Paul was an absolute star for putting up with my curly-hair-related-anxiety*) I felt reassured about getting my layers back into shape and my shine back.  I had a fantastic experience at the salon with friend and fellow blogger South Molton St Style (who else in that location? Of course!) and left with a great deal of knowledge about how to use the right products and tools to style my hair as I want it at home.  Very much part of the philosophy of Sassoon I understand, this was a huge bonus from my time with the team.

Vidal Sassoon Hair Sassoon Salons

I asked Paul and Neville (my new best friends) to answer a few questions for this feature, on hair health and styling tips for the winter months:

In the winter months my hair suffers from dryness due to the weather and lack of moisture in the air.  What is the best way to keep my hair in good condition in the winter months? 

Paul: The cold winter weather wreaks havoc with your hair making it dry, dull and brittle so it is essential to pamper your locks with a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week.  Use a treatment such as Sassoon Professional Intense Restore in addition to your regular conditioner as it is a must to replenish and retain moisture which hair lacks in the harsh winter months. Also, avoid shampooing hair in hot water. Instead, use warm as the heat can damage and dry the hair.  Rinse in cool water as this will add extra shine whilst locking in vital moisture

How can I transform my hair when I need to go straight from work / the office straight to a dinner / party the evening? 

Paul: Festive hair looks can be more natural and carefree, think understated chic. Instead of blow drying your hair straight, let the natural texture shine through. After shampooing hair the night before your Christmas party, divide hair into four sections and braid loosely and leave to dry naturally. Now that you have the texture in your hair, you can choose to leave it down or throw it up into a high loose ponytail or low disheveled chignon.

Opt for a soft, delicate look with wisps of hair that escape around the hair line for a simple and flirtatious look. Always apply a super reflective spray shine, such as Sassoon Professional Spray Shine to give your look that extra glamour and sparkle…

What is the best way to protect my hair from all the styling I do during the festive season?  My curling tongs and straightener are on overdrive…

Paul: (laughs), You already have beautiful curls…but using Sassoon Professional Curl Form will define your curl further and give optimal lustre and bounce with no frizz!

If you do need to reach for the styling tools, before blow-drying use a heat protector such as Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate and apply a serum such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish before using straightening irons. Both products will protect the hair from the heat as well as shielding hair from the harsh winter elements and will complete a glamorous finish!

Sassoon Salon South Molton St StyleOnTheCouch Hair Vidal Sassoon

What is your top tip for keeping hair in good condition all year round? 

Paul: To prevent bad hair days; the first step is to make sure your hair is in tip top condition and I recommend visiting the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim to remove any split ends.  Always use good quality products which will improve and care for your hair.

Glossy hair means well-conditioned hydrated hair, so it is important to inject your hair with any moisture that has been lost.  A weekly treatment will ensure your hair is in premium condition.  Use a professional treatment such as Sassoon Professional Intense Restore.

Neville: The level of commitment that your look needs should always be a deciding factor when choosing your hair colour.  To maintain your colour as long as possible use a shampoo and conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Clean and Condition that will lock in colour longer and leave your hair glossy and beautifully lustrous.

How did you decide what colour to add to my own hair?

Neville: A no commitment colour service allows you to experiment with a layer of all over shimmering colour using a true semi-permanent to boost your natural tone.  You have warm natural brown tones to your hair, so using a slightly darker, chocolate brown base will compliment your natural colouring, skin tone and complexion, leaving your hair luminous and full of radiance.

With thanks to Sassoon for my cut, colour and blow dry at their South Molton Street Salon. You can read more about the products Paul and Neville mentioned on the Sassoon website.

*Curly hair friends, you know this exists.  I’m thinking of making it a new category within the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, oh yes I am.

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