Layering 101: Fall Dressing


paige_denim_white_jeans_adyn_nike_trainers_reiss_maxwellscott_leather bag


Paige_Denim_white jeans_nike_trainers_ADYN_ReissThe concept of layering has never come that easily to me. I suppose I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘simple’ dresser – anymore than two or three pieces (dress, shoes; jeans, heels, sweater; boots, skirt, top, you get the idea) and you gotta question your choice of fabrics for the season.  Having said that, Fall brings with it some up and down temperatures – it has been both crisp and cold and warm and satisfying here in Cambridge this Autumn so far.

American husband recently introduced me to ADYNa British lifestyle brand producing high fashion street wear (largely designed for men, but can be worn by women).  An abbreviation of the word ‘androgynous’, ADYN have some great pieces for layering – simple tees, oversized sweatshirts – as well as some more avant garde styles.  One of my favourite details of this oversized top are the cuffs that run over the wrist and have a thumb hole.  It’s a little athletic note to match the Nike sneakers in this outfit.

Crisp, clear Fall days have also meant I’ve been able to wear my Paige Denim white jeans without a thought of the weather forecast (I wore them in the rain once, it was a disaster, ’nuff said).   I love the zip detail on these, I forget the name of this specific style, but you can see the full range here.

How do you dress for Fall, Blog Reader?

Wearing: ADYN top from Wolf and Badger; NIKE trainers; Paige Denim white jeans; Reiss coat; Maxwell Scott leather rucksack.

Photos: Beth Morton Photography.

The Psychology of the Colour White






The last day of my pre-Christmas break in Mexico (I’m not so smiley in these photos, it was time to leave!) saw a welcome return to the purity of white.  I bought these J.Crew toothpick jeans in one of the sales over in the States and I think they will be a wardrobe staple this summer when black and white along with pastel and ‘fondant’ shades will be seen all over the high street.  I read somewhere that white affects us psychologically by aiding mental clarity, encouraging us to de-clutter our lives and evoking new beginnings. I don’t know whether it was the colour or this beach, but so far 2014 has been great for re-directing my focus on to the things I really want to achieve this year.

It remains to be seen whether these jeans will last on the London underground :/ but watch this space!

Wearing: J.Crew Toothpick Jeans; Zara Shirt.