Ready, Get Set, Jet Set

And so, New York Fashion Week is in full swing.  I’ll post my highlights on the blog soon – right now I’m loving cocoon silhouettes, the Ming warrior style at Jason Wu and the white and gold gowns at Prabal Gurung  (the latter is snow queen mixed with 70s disco and a bit of super hero thrown in –  and yes, it totally works.)  You can see photos of the shows on Now Fashion.

Fashion stops for no-one and the inescapable task of packing for my London trip took precedence this weekend.  I’m travelling within England as well as across the Atlantic next week and Koza came to my rescue with this perfectly sized Rajani travel tote to make my life easy.  The compartments are perfect for organising my carry on, with the laptop pouch and magazine sleeve a Psychologist who is behind on reading her research papers fashion blogger’s dream.

My travel outfit is a combination of brights, neons, nudes and tailoring.  (Oh, FYI, there is a very necessary pair of flats in my bag, although I am also one of those flyers who will always wear the free socks).  This is a combination I’m hugely fond of right now but I feel that my way with neon is only in the accessories.  This skinny fluorescent belt from ASOS is perfect along with the faded yellow tee from Gap. I love how the belt stands out against the blue legging jeans too.

I’ve had this jacket from River Island for years – a label I really want to visit back in London as their spring collection includes some really interesting prints, check out this pink scarf pink blazer as an example.

Photos by the amazing Lydia Hudgens.

And so without further ado I am almost ready for the off.  Gah I hate packing though.

What do you wear to travel, Blog Reader? And how do you wear neons?

Wearing: Heels from Dorothy Perkins; jacket from River Island, belt from ASOS, tee and jean leggings from Gap; bag from KOZA c/o Riot PR for my trip.

StyleOnTheCouch Travels: Big Sur

Driving along the Big Sur Coastline in my Chrysler Sebring was one of the highlights of my recent US road trip (I know, I know, there were so many!)  What had been forecast a grey and overcast afternoon for the drive between Carmel and Santa Barbara turned into blue skies and candy floss clouds that yielded perfect views across the Pacific.  The Big Sur offers plenty of places to stop and pull in to admire the views, especially around Hearst Castle, where if you are lucky you will see elephant seals asleep on the sand – at Piedras Blancas, a protected vista for the mammals.  A perfect stop off along the journey is at Carmel, on Highway 1, where you really must spend a few hours to sit and take breakfast or eat lunch in one of the many pretty restaurants in the town.

Picture above: oh so slightly overheating on a cliff top along the Big Sur.  Pictures below: al fresco dining: lunch at the delightful Carmel Food Company.

Carmel by Sea is a wonderful town, founded as a seaside resort in the 1880s and now full of pretty cottages and charming streets, quaint restaurants and delis.  (Interesting fact for you, Blog Reader: Clint Eastwood was once non-partisan mayor here).

Driving south from Carmel along Highway 1 the scenery is a stretch of craggy coastline and raw, unspoilt beauty – it reminded me of the Scottish Highlands (the Western Highlands) somewhat, albeit much much warmer.

The drive ended up at the very chic and Mediterranean style Santa Barbara.

Have you driven along the Big Sur, Blog Reader?

StyleOnTheCouch Travels: Yosemite

Yosemite park is situated across almost 1,200 miles of mountainous terrain in the Sierra Nevada.  It offered me breathtaking views and some of the bluest skies I have ever seen.  I visited Yosemite back in September during my west coast road trip and although I only stayed one night I was totally captivated by the scenery.

Above: Yosemite falls.  Below: cliffs from the valley floor.

Below: a stop on the valley floor tour of the park.

Below: Half dome – had I stayed longer I would have liked to hike up to half dome, one of the youngest rocks in the park and probably one of the most well recognised.  This granite structure looks amazing in the sunset and can be seen from many locations within Yosemite.

Below: the imposing vertical cliff face of El Capitan.  Around 3,000 feet from base to summit, this rock is a favourite challenge for experienced rock climbers.  Apparently some (read: crazy) souls have base jumped from El Capitan – Yosemite now bans this practice.

There are several places to stay at Yosemite, including Yosemite Lodge (my home for the night), Curry Village cabins and tents and the more luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel.  Wherever you stay though you are unlikely to be inside for long – there is just too much to explore, see and do at Yosemite – a magical place to visit.