Friday Lingerie: Azaleas & Maison Close by ThatJeNeSaisQuoi

Sensual New Maison Close Collections at Azalea’s Opening Soiree by Lindsay of ThatJeNeSaisQuoi:

Azaleas and Maison Close were kind enough to invite lingerie-loving and super stylish StyleOnTheCouch to their joint soiree: Azaleas just moved to a larger location a few doors down from their former storefront in the East Village and Maison Close has some new lines to celebrate. Since Sarah is currently across the pond (New York misses you, Sarah!) she sent me in her place and I was thrilled to attend!  There may or may not have been role-playing with lingerie accessories in front of the cameras(!).  It was great to see some familiar faces and get the low-down on their new collections which will be available at Azaleas in January. Can’t come soon enough!

Maison Close is quite a special intimates range.  I say special because there aren’t many brands in the lingerie ether that can successfully achieve sophistication through ensembles that are chock full of bravado and sensuality.  It’s also quite affordable and I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to build out her lingerie wardrobe on a budget.  The new line plays with ‘notions of control and submission, secrecy and revelation, retention and ecstasy’ and stays true to Maison Close’s French roots.  What does this look like, you ask? There are three new styles and each comes in a variety of different looks.  Let me explain.

Nuit Blanche is for the woman who wants to add a dash of glam to her outfit.  Made mostly of sheer black mesh and punctuated with studs, Nuit Blanche comes in a variety of cuts, most notably in two different body suits, a babydoll and a uber-high waist thong that extends into a halter top.  One of my favorite cuts – the Soutien-gorge balconnet – looks like it was made to peek out from under a barely there tank or dress… perfection for a night on the town.

Villa des Lys is made of delicate black floral lace, calling to mind sensation, drama and romance.  Like Nuit Blanche, it’s available in several different cuts including a body suit, backless cat suit (!!!) and a ‘mini robe’ which wears like a mini dress.  I love that Maison Close is playing with the idea of innerwear as outerwear.  I do think that if one were to plausibly wear this lingerie as outerwear (keeping the catsuit in mind here), one would need to wear it as part of an overall layering scheme, as with most lingerie we wear out to play.  Let a few lacy bits peek out here and there, but certainly don’t give it all away up front.

My favorite of the new ranges is Exquise Allure, perhaps because it’s the most unexpected from Maison Close.  The fabric is an absolute dream, it feels like something between silk and lycra… slightly stretchy but sumptuous and soft to the touch.  It’s a milky beige color and is slightly transparent (don’t worry, it doesn’t read ‘bridal’), giving the pieces an ethereal feel when compared to the brand’s darker fetish offerings.

I agree with Lindsay that Maison Close is a very well priced brand for those looking to extend their lingerie collection.  One for a lingerie-lover’s Christmas wish list for sure.

Thank you very much Lindsay! You can view Lindsay’s blog ThatJeNeSaisQuoi here.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Fraulein Kink

Since I am travelling this week, I asked my friend Lindsay of to take over the reins* for this Friday’s lingerie feature.  Lindsay couldn’t be more perfect for the role.  Her personal blog details her crush on underthings – the things that make her feel beautiful, like she has that je ne sais quoi.  So without further ado I hand you over to Lindsay, who introduces you, Blog Reader, to Fraulein Kink.

Crossing “digital paths” with StyleOnTheCouch, in hindsight, was entirely inevitable. Our personal styles overlap as does our affinity for lingerie and Sarah’s style in particular is just SMASHING. But of course, you know this already. I was so flattered when she asked me to write a guest post.

One of the things I admire most about Sarah is her courage to be tastefully directional on her blog. Specifically, she is one of the first I’ve witnessed to wear a harness as outerwear, a feat I think is both brave and undeniably stylish. So, it was only appropriate to write about Fraulein Kink, a luxury erotic accessories brand that mixes boudoir allure with a downtown chic vibe for a stunning effect.

My favorite range from the Fraulein Kink label is the Lascivious x Fraulein Kink playsuit (image, second on page). Three main pieces compose the suit: a collar, set of handcuffs and belt. They are made of patent leather lined with faux fur and are accented with delicate, adjustable (!) small-link chains. Because they can be worn together or separately, the pieces are perfect for styling over outerwear and would really work for any season. The belt would be a great summer statement piece when worn over a white sleeveless but form-fitting dress, but would also be just as edgy and chic when paired with black for fall. Along the same lines, the Tease Me playsuit (third image) and full-of-fringe Justine belt (image below) are both perfect for spicing up an ensemble that needs a little something extra.

Accessories by Fraulein Kink; photography by Catherine Day & Camilla Camaglia.

Thank you Lindsay!  You can find Lindsay on Twitter here and follow her blog here.  I’m flying back to NYC this weekend so usual posting resumes next week.  I have in the works two collections close to my heart and since we’re on a roll with peplum, another outfit in this vein. Have a great weekend!

*pun entirely intended.