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Fashion Essentials: 5) Leatherfeatured

Fashion Essentials: 5) Leather

For this part of my Fashion Essentials series I am talking about a great love.  I have an on-going romance with leather; no longer a fashion luxury but a fashion staple (faux or no).  The three key items I want to focus on for your capsule closet are the leather jacket; the perfect leather pant Read more


Lover The Label Rosebud Skirt: Lace & Cashmerefeatured

Lover The Label Rosebud Skirt: Lace & Cashmere

It’s been a very busy week, Blog Reader. I’ve been job seeking, house hunting, soul searching… I’m going through another series of transitions (which for some reason always starts with a new hairstyle) and feeling excited about change again. When transitions occur I find that I stick faithfully to my fashion favorites; those styles that Read more


Under the Boardwalk: Cropped Tops & Warm Coatsfeatured

Under the Boardwalk: Cropped Tops & Warm Coats

Cropped tops and warm coats, you say? Yes, Blog Reader, welcome to a beach shoot in the East of England.  Best laid plans and all that… Last week I hung out with photographer James Chastney in Great Yarmouth, one of those wonderfully predictable English seaside towns (cue: rain, wind and umbrellas) full of old amusement rides, Read more