In My Field of Dreams: ASOS Leather Baseball Cap

Leather Baseball Cap ASOS StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams Photography-11

Leather Baseball Cap ASOS StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams William Williams Photography

Leather Baseball Cap StyleOnTheCouch ASOS William Williams Photography

ASOS Leather baseball cap ASOS White sweater StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

ASOS Leather cap StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams Photography

I am, Blog Reader, incredibly happy to have broadband back in my flat and to feel connected again.  That not having internet gives me an end-of-the-world feeling has been an important lesson to me in how I am socially.  I don’t think I’ve written a letter to a friend in months (I still have a penpal in Italy, I miss our written thoughts!) and I’m becoming one of those phone ‘checkers’ who look at their screen out of habit rather than when I hear it ring.  Gah.

Although I am relieved to be able to write my blog regularly again and on my own time as opposed to in the gym bar* or local Starbucks, I realise I really have gone back to basics** with many of my outfits recently.  More denim like my favourite Paige jeans here, more simplicity in shapes, more quality in brands and fabrics. I recently invested in the fabulous DKNY silk cashmere cozy and I adore it and the last pair of trousers I bought for work were largely purchased because of the wonderfully soft royal blue crepe they were made from.

This leather baseball cap (a faux-leather version is also available, click here) from ASOS was inspired by the sportswear spirit of Herve Leger‘s autumn winter collection. Vogue called the baseball cap ‘fashion’s latest accessory’ and I’m now all over this trend, helped tremendously by American-boyfriend’s modeling of said trend (to him not a trend – me: “So, American-boyfriend, why do you wear baseball caps?” Him: “Because I like them.”)

Baseball caps require a relaxed look to accompany them.  I love the short sleeved boxy sweater I’m wearing here, also from ASOS, now reduced to 16 GBP in the sale.  Laid back jersey and denim is a great weekend look to go with the new cap.  Just remember, Blog Reader, if you build it, they will come.

Photos: William Williams.

*yes of course my bar has a gym. Obviously.

**Not totally back to basics. I wore my very pretty Lover The Label lace dress this weekend, a style you can see here on my instagram feed.


New York Fashion Week Series: 2. DKNY

I think it is fair to say that when spring comes around, Blog Reader, you will find me first in line to buy the new summer 2013 collection by DKNY. I will then wear it endlessly, such do I feel that these sleek sportswear inspired looks, silky skirts and dresses and bodysuits were made for me.

Known for her chic and largely monochrome styles, Donna Karen injected an energetic splash of colour this season with neon yellow – a likely homage to the New York taxi cabs that have featured on the DKNY runways and famous adverts in the past.

Add visors, caps with leather brims, cutaway shoulders and mesh panelling and that’s a lot of sports luxe. Yet this influence didn’t distract from DKNY’s sharp and classic black and white tailoring.  One of my favorite looks was a crisp white silk suit with a structured blazer and slightly sheer shirt underneath.

Always one for a dress which flows – the image below shows another of my favourite styles.  It’s a perfect example of the understated glamour that DKNY does so well.

What do you think of the collection, Blog Reader? I’m back in NYC at the end of next week – there’s naturally a lot of inspiration here for my trip and I’m excited to return to Manhattan to visit.  Thank you, DKNY, for creating a collection that so matches my own aesthetic :-)

Images: Vogue.

StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Preen Resort 2013

Graphic streaks and oversized flower prints mixed with their signature modern silhouettes; Preen resort 2013 is a wonderful mix of bold splashes of paint and sporty elements.  Having spoken of my love of Preen (yet again) on Sunday, it felt fitting to feature their recent line today.

The black dress top left, and the white shirt with Dolman-style sleeves and high-waisted flower print skirt are my favourites from this collection.  I was happy to hear the recent announcement that Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi will return to their design roots in London for fashion week this year (the duo had been showing in NYC since 2008), with Thornton quoted in WWD as saying:

“Today, London is a very different fashion week to what it once was, and it’s a great place for us to show. It feels right to be here again. It’s more of an international fashion week now.”

Attracted to and influenced by American sportswear when they first came to NYC, this current collection has a clear Olympic / athletic influence.  Cool, modern, sporty chic is seen in side-striped trousers, padded jackets and track pants.  Other inspirations for the line are the artist Jeff Koons and the photographer Nick Knight; resulting in vivid, bold splashes of paint and graphic lines that inject a delightful vibrancy into the designs.

I wrote on Sunday that there are designers who create collections I covet again and again – Preen is one of them.  I hope you like resort 2013 as much as I do, Blog Reader.

Images from Fashionising.
Visit the Preen website here.