The Inbetweeners: Paige Denim & Black Score

StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim Black Score William Williams Photography

Paige Denim Black Score Tee StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Black Score Paige Denim StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

It is, Blog Reader, one of those weeks.  Having recently moved for a new job, I’m in between many things. I keep getting lost in the new area in my car, I’m learning the ropes at work and I still have no internet access in my flat (apologies for the lack of my usual scheduled blog posts, I am surely going to throw a wobbly on the phone to BT any day now).  Having said that, I’m very happy – new challenges and all that to keep me occupied!   Week days right now are about finding my groove with work and fitting in to a new working environment.  It’s reminding of the reason I started my blog – as a Psychologist, I was struggling with how to bring my personality to my job with the clothes and fashions that I love, whilst keeping my personal boundaries and being ethical and professional in the workplace. This blog was about how to be professional ‘me’ and fashion-loving-me at the same time. I’ll be bringing you more of my work outfits as the weeks progress, I’m sure.

Weekends right now? All about the boyfriend jean. These Jimmy Jeans from Paige Denim are my go-to weekend staple.  Bought from Selfridges at the start of the year (with a little help from Le Boyfriend, granted,) I am living in them at any and every slouchy moment. Paired with my Black Score tee (Cara Delevigne was recently snapped leaving the Burberry London Fashion Week show in one of these amazing tees) I’m good to get horizontal on the sofa. Psychologist off duty, that’s me right now. Welcome, weekend!

Wearing: Paige Denim Jimmy Jean. Black Score ‘punk’ tee. Photos: The fabulous William Williams.

Punk Is Not Dead: Black Score (Too Drunk To Crunk)

Last year when I interviewed Simeon Farrar for Lookbooks, he made me aware of his new project Black Score: a series of logo vests and t-shirts in monochrome colourings.

Farrar developed Black Score to stay true to his roots: punk and skateboarding.

Fashion designer Farrar handed out some of his tees during fashion weeks in Paris and London in September.  Lightly parodying fashion brands such as Gucci and Chanel with different fashion-related phrases, here in the UK I finally got my hands on the Prada version.  It’s a great go-to long tee when I don’t want to think too hard about what to wear and you have to smile at the logo!

Models Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne have been seen in these tees.  I’m really happy with mine!

Wearing: Black Score ‘You had me at Prada‘ SS13 vest.  View the whole collection here.  Photos by the lovely South Molton St Style.