A Stylish Coffee Break: MOD Workplace & Office



  When you blog, you quickly learn the environment in which you blog can be a huge catalyst for inspiration.  I think most other bloggers I know have their ‘special place’ in which they like to sit and write, be that a Brooklyn hideout (thinking of you, well / aware) or a perfect living room […]

Little Black Dress Series: Reformation



  I’m currently spending a very lazy Sunday catching up on all the highlights from New York Fashion Week to bring them to you on the blog next week.  With regards to colour, the palette for AW15 seems a striking mix of bold midnight blues, greens, byzantium, and monochrome.  Blacks and whites again are featuring […]

Gender Neutral & Unisex Fashion (a note on 2015)



    I’m a huge fan of borrowing from the boys – I think this year will herald an expansion of unisex fashion, particularly as women seek to ‘de-gender’ their style and search for a more masculine aesthetic.  My opportunities to challenge the gender dynamic are rich when it comes to American husband’s wardrobe – […]

I Stole Her Chanel



When it comes to accessories, I’m a basic-kinda-gal.  Black bag? Check.  Oversized bag? Check. Clutch? Check check. Anything else? Ermmmm….. doesn’t that cover all the options?   Happy am I, therefore, when I can ‘loan’ my new neighbor’s accessories for a blog shoot.  Since moving to Cambridge I’ve found myself in close proximity to fellow […]

Monochrome Me: Reformation Wisteria Dress



The collection of dresses at Reformation is fast becoming my go-to when it comes to summer basics, for day or for night.  This Wisteria dress is a very well made gown with a beautiful neckline and dramatic low back, a great all-rounder for a capsule wardrobe.  This will work for weddings, garden parties, evening meals and brunches […]