My Nine West x Pose Style Challenge

This Wednesday sees the start of my Nine West x Pose ‘Style Challenge’, Blog Reader!

Each Wednesday for nine weeks I will be creating a different outfit around the same pair of shoes – the MsFabulous sandal.  You can check out my outfits on the Nine West Pose page (be sure to sign up and follow!) where I will be competing against another ‘poser’ each week.

Click on the image below to link to Pose (also available as an app for Iphone and Android). Pose is a platform to discover fashion, where posers can upload outfits and tag items in their ensemble (a category of clothing or a brand) and share their style within the community.  (I’m a little bit addicted, I confess…)

You can vote for your favourite style (all votes pour moi will be very much appreciated if you should like my outfit!) and this action automatically enters you into a competition for a chance of winning the shoes for yourself.

For my first outfit I chose a style I am quite comfortable with (and I am sure you all are familiar with this now, Blog Reader, ‘the dress’.)  A short while ago I introduced you to Three Floor Fashion and this Hidden Gems Midi Dress is a true diamond from their current summer collection. I think the shoes compliment the pleats and nude/lace front panel perfectly.

My Bordelle Leather ‘O’ Bracelet completes the outfit.  Let the challenge commence!

Wearing: Leather ‘O’ bracelet from Bordelle; Hidden Gems Dress from Three Floor Fashion and MsFabulous heels from Nine West.

Special thank you for the wonderful Lydia Hudgens for the photography.

Nine West approached me to take part in this challenge and are sponsoring my stylish efforts.  I decided to take on this challenge as I am a fan of Nine West, having purchased several of their styles in the past. You’ve likely seen me wearing Nine West before, for example here and here.  For this challenge however Nine West supplied me with these shoes free of charge and I’m sharing this with you because it’s a little different to my usual features.  And so now, let the styling fun commence!

PS Please note my deep red nails on this shoot.  My very first manicure after years of nail biting (Merci Anne who treated me!) Or at least: Mum please note my deep red nails on this shoot – yes I am finally all grown up :-)

Snow White and her 12 Dresses

I’m all about the dress, Blog Reader, so I decided to add one more holiday dress post on StyleOnTheCouch this month before I leave you to your parties.

I live close to an Urban Outfitters but I rarely venture in.  It’s so youthful, so street style, all “ironic” t-shirts and punky style.  Last month the store rolled out their annual ‘12 Days of Dresses‘ campaign for the holidays, called ‘The Midnight Hour’ – which I was surprised and pleased to see featured 12 gorgeous dress designs from labels such as Silence & Noise and Cooperative.  Two pieces stood out for me, the Ecote Piano Dress and the Champagne Dress from Kova&T which I am wearing here.

The Champagne Dress is a beautifully pleated, floor length piece with long sleeves and a low cut back.  I am sure you can see a theme developing here (please refer to my last dress post).

It’s quite a magical dress by all accounts, The skirt is that perfect length that lightly dusts the floor as I walk and I feel very Snow White – like wearing it.  I think you could very well meet your Prince Charming wearing this dress, don’t you think, Blog Reader?

Wearing: Dress form Urban Outfitters; coat from Reiss; bowling bag from ASOS.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.