Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake: Surfdome Wesc Headphones

Surfdome wesc headphones

Surfdome wesc headphones collage

Surfdome wesc headphones styleonthecouch

Surfdome Lifestyle StoreNietzsche said of it; “without music, life would be a mistake.”  Kerouc told us that “the only truth is music.” Rhianna asked for it to never stop and Johnny Depp said “music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

I listen to a lot of music – getting ready in the morning; in the car on the way to and from work; during my work outs and at the end of the day when I’m getting dinner ready.  I used to be wedded to dance music but like many* the older I get the more refined my tastes become and the more I want to listen to different singers and styles of music.  One of my favourite music quotes is from Bono who said:  ”pop music often tells you everything is OK, while rock music tells you that it’s not OK, but you can change it.”  I like his thinking – my taste becomes ever more rock focussed as the days go by…!

Surfdome was a recent discovery for me as I was browsing various online stores for some of the bits and bobs I need for my trip to the US next month.  A lifestyle store, Surfdome have a great selection of brands organised according to categories such as holiday and travel, fitness, fashion clothing and even snorkeling.  I found these Wesc headphones which have been on my coveted list for a while now, I already own a retro pair of DJ style headphones but this Oboe style by Wesc is a modern design with a wide headband across the top that is comfortable and made of sturdy material.  The padding on the earcups is also sturdy with a nice soft leathery feel to them. I chose white because it felt the most modern of the colours available but if you don’t like to stand out in the crowd whilst you listen to your music you might prefer black.

Or there is always neon yellow, just sayin’.

If you have a trip coming up or need to replenish your wardrobe Surfdome might be a one stop shop for you if you’re active and sporty.  Click HERE to head to Surfdome.

On my current playlist:

1.Young Americans – David Bowie

2. Selena Gomez – Slow Down

3. Ass Back Home – Gym Class Heroes

4. Crazy Bitch – Buck Cherry

5. Bangarang – Skillrex

6. Bros – Wolf Alice

7. Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen

8. For The First Time – The Script

9. Dancing On My Own – Robyn

10. It’s My Life – No Doubt

Photos of me: William Williams.

*I am hoping you are out there. Although this could just be me?!

Spring Trends: The 1970s

Spring Trends 1970s StyleOnTheCouch ysl-rtw-ss2013-runway

spring trends 2013 styleonthecouch fend


spring trends 1970s gucci styleonthecouch

spring trends ysl styleonthecouch slimane

1970s spring trends isabel marant styleonthecouchIn an effort to re-focus my thoughts on the warmer months despite the ongoing snow showers in the UK this Easter holiday weekend, Blog Reader, I’m starting a series of ‘spring trends’ posts. I’ll be interweaving these with reviews of the catwalk shows I loved for autumn winter 2013 too.

First up, the 1970s, a theme which appeared in many collections including Saint Laurent Paris, Fendi, Gucci and Isabel Marant.  When I think of the 1970s I think of Love Story and Annie Hall; bias cut dresses; black leather; preppy style; trouser suits and layering.  Gucci’s sky blue and pink pairings for spring reminded me too well of the polyester* offerings you can find in charity shops from that era, and Marant’s boho vibe was reminiscent of Woody Harrelson’s outfits in Linklater’s Dazed & Confused….

One part of this trend I particularly admire is the wide-brimmed hats such as those Slimane sent down the catwalk.  I recently bought a fedora from Reiss – sadly no longer available but I’d recommend Borsalino for similar styles.  If you are in London, try Liberty department store for hats, they have a wonderful selection, always.

Here are some 1970s inspired styles, if you like this trend for your summer wardrobe:

Paige Denim flared Lou Lou jeans

A very Saint Laurent Paris – like pussybow blouse from Iris and Ink

This Halston Heritage coral gown.

Paisley babydoll dress from Oysho at ASOS; Warehouse Paisley print dress.

And let’s not forget the big sunglasses – like this Marni pair reduced from 260 to 130 GBP on The Outnet.

*I am, Blog Reader, quite sure that Gucci does not design using polyester by the way.

More spring trends to follow! Have a lovely weekend.

Photos: Elle.com

In My Field of Dreams: ASOS Leather Baseball Cap

Leather Baseball Cap ASOS StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams Photography-11

Leather Baseball Cap ASOS StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams William Williams Photography

Leather Baseball Cap StyleOnTheCouch ASOS William Williams Photography

ASOS Leather baseball cap ASOS White sweater StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

ASOS Leather cap StyleOnTheCouch Paige Denim William Williams Photography

I am, Blog Reader, incredibly happy to have broadband back in my flat and to feel connected again.  That not having internet gives me an end-of-the-world feeling has been an important lesson to me in how I am socially.  I don’t think I’ve written a letter to a friend in months (I still have a penpal in Italy, I miss our written thoughts!) and I’m becoming one of those phone ‘checkers’ who look at their screen out of habit rather than when I hear it ring.  Gah.

Although I am relieved to be able to write my blog regularly again and on my own time as opposed to in the gym bar* or local Starbucks, I realise I really have gone back to basics** with many of my outfits recently.  More denim like my favourite Paige jeans here, more simplicity in shapes, more quality in brands and fabrics. I recently invested in the fabulous DKNY silk cashmere cozy and I adore it and the last pair of trousers I bought for work were largely purchased because of the wonderfully soft royal blue crepe they were made from.

This leather baseball cap (a faux-leather version is also available, click here) from ASOS was inspired by the sportswear spirit of Herve Leger‘s autumn winter collection. Vogue called the baseball cap ‘fashion’s latest accessory’ and I’m now all over this trend, helped tremendously by American-boyfriend’s modeling of said trend (to him not a trend – me: “So, American-boyfriend, why do you wear baseball caps?” Him: “Because I like them.”)

Baseball caps require a relaxed look to accompany them.  I love the short sleeved boxy sweater I’m wearing here, also from ASOS, now reduced to 16 GBP in the sale.  Laid back jersey and denim is a great weekend look to go with the new cap.  Just remember, Blog Reader, if you build it, they will come.

Photos: William Williams.

*yes of course my bar has a gym. Obviously.

**Not totally back to basics. I wore my very pretty Lover The Label lace dress this weekend, a style you can see here on my instagram feed.