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Alluring Activewear: Espalier Sportfeatured

Alluring Activewear: Espalier Sport

During my September holiday to The Canary Islands, American Husband inspired me to keep working at my fitness and created for me a series of largely bodyweight-focused ‘WODS’ (workout-of-the-day in CrossFit terms).  Since no equipment is needed you can pretty much do these anywhere, anytime – perfect for when you are traveling or can’t make Read more


Black, White & Denim: Nike, Hollister & Helmut Langfeatured

Black, White & Denim: Nike, Hollister & Helmut Lang

The weather in England is pretty amazing right now, Blog Reader.  Fully expecting to be back in my wellies and winter coat when I returned from Georgia, here I am instead in my denim shorts this weekend! The first weeks after a wedding are kinda weird. You are still filled with the glow of happiness Read more


Beauty Lies in Strength: CrossFit / Sure Challengefeatured

Beauty Lies in Strength: CrossFit / Sure Challenge

In just one month, Blog Reader, I head over to the States to get married*.  Inspired by uber-fit American-fiance I’ve taken on a bit of a fitness challenge before the day, over at the CrossFit Norwich gym.  Here I take on a series of WODs (Workout-Of-The-Day) resulting in an intense fitness session involving squats and lifts with Read more