Black, White & Denim: Nike, Hollister & Helmut Lang

Nike tee leather jacket Helmut Lant denim shorts

Denim shorts Nike tee

Nike tee and denim shorts styleonthecouchThe weather in England is pretty amazing right now, Blog Reader.  Fully expecting to be back in my wellies and winter coat when I returned from Georgia, here I am instead in my denim shorts this weekend!

The first weeks after a wedding are kinda weird. You are still filled with the glow of happiness but the return to reality sets in – I’ve had a really busy first week back at work and the jet lag hasn’t helped!  This weekend I finally felt I could press the reset button. I stocked up on nice food (with some recommendations from my fitness and nutrition guru Charli Cohen, more on her on the blog next month) and my usual favourite treats (champagne and macarons, what else?!) and hit the gym hard. I clearly don’t want summer to end, so thank you English weather for playing along.

Lots of new stuff coming on the blog over the next few weeks, Blog Reader! I have some accessories and style posts, including the second dress I wore at my wedding, from DKNY.  New designer features too.  You may have noticed Friday Lingerie Lust returned this week and will be continuing with new collections from innovative lingerie and boudoir accessories brands. I’m also beginning a new fitness thread on StyleOnTheCouch as my gym wear is becoming as important as my day-to-day style lately.  For me the right workout gear gets me moving every time. Try it – I have some great fitness recommendations for you coming up in October.

Wearing: Nike tee, Dick’s Sporting Goods (somewhat of a mecca for me in the States for work out gear!); denim shorts, Hollister (I am too old to shop in this place but I have to say these shorts fit me perfectly); holding Helmut Lang leather jacket.

Beauty Lies in Strength: CrossFit / Sure Challenge

Crossfit Norwich challenge styleonthecouch WIlliam WIlliams Photographer nike bra and leggings

Crossfit Norwich nike bra and leggings


Crossfit challenge

In just one month, Blog Reader, I head over to the States to get married*.  Inspired by uber-fit American-fiance I’ve taken on a bit of a fitness challenge before the day, over at the CrossFit Norwich gym.  Here I take on a series of WODs (Workout-Of-The-Day) resulting in an intense fitness session involving squats and lifts with gymnastic movements.  It’s a huge challenge for someone my shape and size but one that reminds me that beauty lies in strength which is a great feeling.

But. It’s summer. It’s hot. And I’m one sweaty mess when it comes to intense physical activity, the level of which I haven’t experienced since I hung up my pointe shoes many years ago.  To accompany my new (and far more serious) fitness regime I needed a new deodorant to protect me from the moment I applied it all the way through the CrossFit workouts.  Sure sent me one of their new Maximum Protection range to test out (four scents are available, I will be taking Clean Scent through its paces) – designed to provide 48hr protection against perspiration. You read that right, 48 hrs – meaning I can apply the unique cream format at night time and allow the product to adjust and adapt to my body whilst resting.  Because my body temperature is consistent at night when I am sleeping, Sure’s new TRIsolidTM technology can acclimatise to my skin and form a protective network across my sweat glands for a deep layer of protection.  Well hey, perfect for psychologist-me running around the hospital during the day to all my different sessions and perfect for gym-bunny me with my CrossFit challenge two to three times a week in the evenings.  Sure claim that their new range is 2x stronger than other deodorants, so check back next week to read more about my workouts and see how Clean Scent performed.

*Eeeeee!! :)

Photos of me by said uber-fit-American-fiance William Williams.

Post sponsored by SURE who gave me a free product trial of their Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant.  For further information on sponsorship or collaborations please email me at

Getting Off The Couch: Nike, Michi NY & Ash Footwear

Nike UK StyleOnTheCouch Fitness Running Fashion William Williams Photography

Nike running jacket Michi New York leggings StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Michi New York fitness nike uk styleonthecouch by William Williams Photography

Nike UK running jacket Gucci sunglasses Styleonthecouch William Williams Photography

Nike UK running jacket Michi New York Leggings on styleonthecouch by William Williams Photography

Gucci sunglasses Nike running jacket Styleonthecouch William Williams Photography

Photos: The fabulous William Williams. Wearing: Nike Swoosh Vest and Nike Windrunner Jacket both from ASOS. Illusion pant, Michi New York. Trainers, ASH Footwear. Sunglasses; Gucci (the boyfriend’s).

When it comes to fitness and working out, Blog Reader, I’m never one to shy away from the hard work required to get my heart pumping and my muscles moving.  Until fairly recently I was a huge fan of Pilates reformer classes, but I haven’t been able to find a studio near my new home just yet so I’m back at the gym trying out some new methods to stay in shape.  I recently discovered TRX; a training system that leverages your body weight along with gravity to help you work out with different levels of resistance. It’s quite  a challenge and this, along with the boyfriend’s help (it’s pretty handy going out with someone who used to be a personal trainer*) I’m probably the fittest I’ve been for a while.

One thing guaranteed to get me exercising regularly is having some great kit to work out in.  I’m a huge fan of MICHI New York for some of the most fashionable work out gear I have ever set my eyes on – here I am (still) wearing designer Michelle Watson’s Illusion Legging with my new Nike ’windrunner’ and vest from ASOS.  The gym is one of the rare times I do colour, it spurs me on – this jacket is lightweight and perfect for running inside and out this spring.  I confess I am cheating a little here wearing my ASH wedge trainers in this post. I revert to my ASICS for working out but I wanted to show the ASH sneakers because I wear them constantly – if you don’t yet own a pair of ASH check out the full range here.

A little bit of fitness inspiration for you today, to start your week!

I’ve got a little break coming up this weekend, Blog Reader – I’m heading to one of the islands off the coast of England on Wednesday so stay tuned to my Instagram to see pictures.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

*As you might imagine there are pros and cons to this when I’m not motivated lol.