StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Nichole de Carle Customised Lingerie

If you were a reader of StyleOnTheCouch last year you may remember London lingerie label Nichole de Carle highlighted in one of my Friday features.  Nichole de Carle is an incredibly innovative brand – taking inspiration from literature, history and architecture to create strong, modern and sculpted lingerie.  They are now offering fans the opportunity to customise their own pieces and they invited me to test out my own design skills by creating my own brief using the ‘bespoke’ service.

The service at present covers the bra and brief with braces from their classic collections and the Opal string from their signature range.  I decided on the Westminster brief with braces as the starting point for my own design.  I chose this for two reasons, firstly because the art-deco style brief looked incredibly flattering on the models and secondly I adored the criss cross body braces that I thought could be worn over a fitted top for a body-harness look:

Above: Westminster bra and briefs.

With nine silk colourways to choose from, three colour options for the powermesh – the panels front and side of the briefs – a choice between black and white elastic and between gold and silver components (I liked that I could select even the finer details) – it was much harder than I expected to make the final decision.  Fighting the urge to go all black, I added some nude powermesh to the brief for a lovely colour contrast.

Above: Last Testament bra and briefs.

In terms of fit – the elastics can be adjusted in several places to ensure the design suits the contours of your body and for me this means the brief fits snugly.  The criss cross of the braces gives the illusion of curves and are especially interesting and enticing when peeking out from underneath outerwear.

My only (small) complaint is that the elastic rides away from the body a little mid back – not so much a design fault as I think it would be impossible to shape the elastic to every individual curve of your body, but with a snug fit at the front, part of me thought the back looked a little odd in that one place.  Having said that, this is entirely suspender style given that the elastics start low on the Westminster brief and when worn under jeans, the snug fit of my skinnies brought the elastic back in place next to my skin. I adore the design, it’s like nothing that I own, it can be worn alone or as part of a set and I am very happy to have this addition to my wardrobe.

Nichole de Carle tell me they plan to add other styles to the ‘bespoke’ service throughout the year.  I am hoping that they introduce one of their bodysuits next, because I think that the opportunity to style your own colour combinations with these more substantial pieces is very appealing.

Inspired to create your own?  Check out the service here. If you have any further questions about fit etc then leave me a comment below or tweet me @StyleOnTheCouch.

Wearing (top – err, because that ain’t me in the other photos, Blog Reader) racerback bodysuit from Amber Sakai, jacket from River Island, 1969 legging jeans from Gap, brief and braces (braces just seen) from the Westminster collection at Nichole de Carle.
A very big thank you to the lovely team at Nicole de Carle for getting in touch regarding the review! xo

Friday Lingerie Lust: Nichole de Carle

I have been coveting one of Nichole de Carle‘s pieces for a long while now, so it’s high time this fabulous London label appeared as one of my Friday lingerie features

Images: Nichole de Carle / Clara Maidement

Nicole de Carle‘s lingerie is modern, innovative and well crafted (Nichole was a student at DeMontford University, UK, and completed their highly respected ‘Contour Design’ training.  In fact, if you want to see the lingerie designers of the future, you just need to check out the final year shows from students of this course).

Nichole herself worked in the design houses of both McQueen and DKNY before founding her company 2008. The label is said to be inspired by literature, history and architecture, for example The Last Testament collection (above, my favourite) is said to be inspired by the symbolic detail in Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”:

“The Last Testament style came about through the story of the representation of the chalice shape formed between Jesus and Mary Magdalena in ‘The Last Supper’ painting. The chalice being the ancient symbol for the female is the perfect embodiment of femininity and grace.”

Recently launched are Oynx and Opal (Opal, below):

“The Opal collection is inspired by exquisite architectural masterpiece icons located in fashion & historic capitals of the world: The Duomo – Milan, Westminster Abbey – London, and the Chrysler building – New York, Chateau de Villette – Paris.  Drawing on the design, mystery, elegance and sophistication of these buildings the Opal range brings together its symmetry of bold and delicate lines with enthralling effect.”

The Westminster collection (below) is a stunning design. Strong yet elegant and highly seductive, I love the way that the braces cross over the torso:

The designs for the Westminster collection were inspired by the elegance and delicacy of Westminster, Abbey in the UK.  The essence of the high lines and vaulted ceilings of the Abbey can be found in the architecture of the pieces.

During London Fashion Week this September, Nichole joined forces with the label Math Collective to produce a set of outfits that combined modern and fashion forward lingerie with Math’s signature silhouettes.  The result was fantastic, showing a perfect match of the brands’ new collections as well as their unique styles

Image below from Lingerie Talk

I’m very excited to introduce you to Nichole de Carle, Blog Reader – I hope you’ll check out the full range of designs on their website.  Any favourites?

Have a fabulous weekend! xo