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Let’s Get Physical: MICHI Fall Collection 2012featured

Let’s Get Physical: MICHI Fall Collection 2012

I find it difficult to keep fit whilst I am traveling, Blog Reader, so back in England this weekend I turned to the outdoor-gym-of-Lincolnshire. I took a little run around the villages close to where I grew up, dressing in my favourite work out gear, MICHI.  Designer Michelle Watson just released her fall collection for Read more


MICHI Athletic Wear.featured

MICHI Athletic Wear.

It’s April, Blog Reader.  You know what that means?  That means “It Is Time”.  Time to come out from hiding underneath those winter layers, out from behind the woollen coats and floaty capes and time to get “Summer Body Ready” (SBR). I know you are already thinking of this Blog Reader, perhaps even dreading it Read more