Lingerie Focus: Marika Vera SS13


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Marika Vera 2013_styleonthecouch BETTY ELMS

Marika Vera 2013_ANNIE BLACKBURN styleonthecouch

Marika Vera 2013 styleonthecouch_SANDY WILLIAMS

For spring summer 2013, Marika Vera‘s David Lynch inspired collection ‘Welcome To The Rabbit Hole’ takes us on a journey around Twin Peaks, winding through Mulholland Drive and down his Lost Highway.  A celebration of Lynch’s female characters, Vera has designed an elegant and mysterious collection for spring 2013.  I’m a fan of Lynch’s Twin Peaks – in this and his movies his female characters are complex and unique.  Vera captures this using rich colours, deeply sexy sheer fabrics, cut outs and powerful high-cut shapes.

Some of the designs within the spring range are adorned with beautiful swarovski crystal buttons – a collaboration between the brand and Swarovski Elements.

“In the grand design, women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.”  Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks.

Click here for the Marika Vera website.  Faire Frou Frou boutique also stock the brand.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Marika Vera

Marika Vera‘s strapline ‘Better Than Naked’ is truth*.  The moment I saw their forthcoming autumn winter 2012 collection Queen Of The Galaxy I knew our Friday was made, Blog Reader:

“While the United States had Wonder Woman, Europe had Barbarella, a secret agent who would go on missions to other planets to protect Earth – all the while surviving the deadly Orgasmatron and using the power of seduction to control men and keep the world at peace….”

Tapping into all my our superheroine fantasies, Marika Vera’s series of bodysuits, kimono wraps and lingerie sets have been designed in stretch velvet, chiffon, silk and tulle fabrics which have a wonderful feel against the skin.  A palette of rich purples; amethyst, fuchsia and violet – are the psychedelic shades that bring the collection to life.

I have two favourites from this collection.  First of all, the June Culotte (second image and below) a stretch silk satin brief in high waist, retro style with stretch tulle details and some delightfully placed cut-outs. Second is the Sue Catsuit, a marvellous stretch tulle design with satin elastic binder and some very ‘discrete’ yet practical cut outs.

“Marika Vera exists to empower women, to inspire them to live sensually in a pleasing and sophisticated way for themselves and others.”

Is there anything I need to add to this?  Happy Friday Lingerie Lust, Blog Reader!  You can buy Marika Vera from Faire Frou Frou, Assiere and Bella Bella Boutique.  Stay tuned for the release of Queen Of The Galaxy this summer.

*To be distinguished from my gym‘s strapline “Look Better Naked”, which always gets me working out, pronto.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Marika Vera

I’ve selected a very feminine and sensual ‘Lingerie Lust’ this Friday, probably inspired by the steamy humidity in NYC.  I love the mood captured within the promotional images for these designs by Marika Vera and can’t wait to get my hands on one of these pieces that are due to hit stores in October.

I’m always interested in the philosophy behind lingerie designs.  Marika Vera, whose strapline is “better than naked” (I love this) speaks of high quality designs for the modern woman who seeks a natural approach to sensuality.  Delicate and minimalistic designs aim not to compromise the erotic elements of the garments – I think they have this spot on.

My favourite item from the 2012 collection is the Caroline stretch tulle bodysuit.  Made using 100% stretch silk satin straps, satin elastic binder and leather detail – that is one chic bodysuit I am coveting….

For further information on Marika Vera email

You can find lots of inspiration and quotes about femininity on her tumblr which I’m a big fan of for its collection of images about seduction, women’s freedom and power:

Would Marika Vera make it into your personal lingerie collection?

Photos by: Fabiola Zamora