StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Fashion By Feelings

Since working with a textile manufacturing company for a short while here in the US, I’ve become more interested in the fabrics that I wear, their eco-friendliness and the way they feel on my skin.  I was approached by Woolmark’s We Love Wool campaign recently to add an outfit to their Fashion By Feelings lookbook.  Ahem, fashion by feelings?! I was (of course) straight there…..

The campaign promotes the natural, biodegradable and renewal properties of wool such as Australian Merino wool, an entirely natural fiber.  It is also a global street style contest whereby posting a look as well as voting for favourite looks may lead you to win a fabulous prize:

One wool item I have been wearing a lot since the weather has turned cooler in New York City is my bracelet sleeve jacket from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection by Janie Bryant.  I love wearing this jacket with my Gap legging jeans – a perfect Fall outfit

I posted this look under the nostaglic collection (what else?) on the Fashion by Feelings website – other emotions listed on the site are as follows: powerful, natural, loved, happy, seductive, active, beautiful and dark.  Do you have a an outfit or piece of clothing made me wool that inspires you to feel any of these things? Time to post your look, Blog Reader!!

Wearing: Heels, Dorothy Perkins; Jeans, Gap; Jacket, Banana Republic.

A Little Joan Holloway.

Joan: “You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl

~Mad Men Series.2 Ep.6:Maidenform

Whilst I simply adore all the costumes in the AMC TV series Mad Men, Joan Holloway’s outfits are the ones I find particularly striking.  The combination of colour and shape we see Joan wearing shows us the power of her femininity.  Janie Bryant, Costume Designer for the show, said of Joan: ‘she is a feminist who doesn’t realise it yet’.  This makes me like her character even more as she struts around the office showing everyone who is the bosslady.

Taking a lesson from Joan, I was inspired to purchase this ASOS White crepe red dress with Dolman sleeves.  I’ve written about both ASOS White and ASOS Black collections before and I always check back on the ASOS website now and again to see what new styles they are offering.  Right now ASOS White hosts some fabulous colours: bold reds, crisp whites, turquoise, neon yellows and even a ‘tutti frutti’ shorts mix!  Back to the dress – the sleeves here don’t really taper enough to be ‘Dolman’, they are in more of a Kimono style, but I love them all the same.    The dress isn’t quite as fitted as I would like it to be, but I’m thinking a (?gold) belt might help give additional shape.  A perfect dress in time for my return to the work place, Blog Reader, as my work permit arrived just last week!

Are you a Joan, Peggy or a Betty?  Or a Don, Roger or a Pete for that matter? Which Mad Men style can you see yourself in?