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Tamzin Lillywhite Leather Accessories: Dekard Chokerfeatured

Tamzin Lillywhite Leather Accessories: Dekard Choker

One of the nicest things about blogging has been the opportunity to meet my fashion idols: designers, fellow bloggers and inspirational brands alike.  This post makes me feel good just writing it, because I’m wearing my new Dekard choker from Tamzin Lillywhite‘s leather accessories collection – a designer I have watched grow since I was Read more


StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Alfie Douglasfeatured

StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Alfie Douglas

The soon to be launched Alfie Douglas collection of original, handmade leather bags and accessories is getting me very excited indeed.  Visually simple yet stunning and ingenious in that the styles can be adapted and customised in their function, Alfie Douglas have created a wonderful line of reliable and sustainable accessories for AW13. “(Alfie Douglas designs Read more


Women are Weapons*TM (Part II): FYI by Dani Read Ilsa Harnessfeatured

Women are Weapons*TM (Part II): FYI by Dani Read Ilsa Harness

Back in December, Blog Reader, I introduced you to FYI by Dani Read, whose aptly titled ‘Women are Weapons’ strapline is all the evidence you need of a sleek, strong lingerie and boudoir accessories brand .  This piece, the Ilsa Harness, is from Read’s SS13 collection ‘The Replicant’, a collection that perfectly embodies Read’s fearless aesthetic Read more