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Alfie Douglas bag

Alfie Douglas

Alfie Douglas Bags 2

Alfie Douglas Handmade Bags and Accessories

Alfie Douglas BagsThe soon to be launched Alfie Douglas collection of original, handmade leather bags and accessories is getting me very excited indeed.  Visually simple yet stunning and ingenious in that the styles can be adapted and customised in their function, Alfie Douglas have created a wonderful line of reliable and sustainable accessories for AW13.

“(Alfie Douglas designs are) used by individuals with a strong sense of identity.  Free and active.  Confident and capable.  Actively seeking new adventure.  Cherishing and valuing their possessions, conscientious of their impact on the environment”.

Made in England, each design is made and finished by hand, with many being entirely hand stitched.  Emphasis is on using the finest materials and on ethical and sustainable design, which, judging by these images from the lookbook, clearly shows.  One aspect of this is the use of solid brass hardware plated to copper and nickel finishes to give a lasting shine.  Another is use of the hand sewn saddle stitch for durability.

The styles for autumn winter remind me of a cross between Alexander Wang and Fleet Ilya – Alfie Douglas is a very sleek, minimal and contemporary look.  Watch for their website launching soon. Click HERE for more details.

Women are Weapons*TM (Part II): FYI by Dani Read Ilsa Harness

Dani Read Leather Accessories StyleOnTheCouch by William Williams Photographer

FYI by Dani Read Harness Neck Harness styleonthecouch

FYI by Dani Read Lingerie and Accessories

FYI by Dani Read Harness lingerie and accessories by William Williams Photography

Dani Read Binding Brief

Dani Read glovelets and suspendersBack in December, Blog Reader, I introduced you to FYI by Dani Read, whose aptly titled ‘Women are Weapons’ strapline is all the evidence you need of a sleek, strong lingerie and boudoir accessories brand .  This piece, the Ilsa Harness, is from Read’s SS13 collection ‘The Replicant’, a collection that perfectly embodies Read’s fearless aesthetic as a designer.

“A science fiction heroine wielding her powers of seduction: The collection features lingerie and lounge wear, along with our widest selection yet of luxury leather bondage and fetish accessories.”

The Ilsa Harness comprises a choker and leather belt joined down the front, between the chest, with a connecting piece of leather.  My other favourites within the collection include the Baratta lambskin gloves and the Binding brief.  These are pieces for the femme fetale.  As the slogan suggests: Woman are weapons. Dress yourself as such.

Photos: William Williams Photography and Dani Read.  Wearing: Ilsa harnessReiss trousersTopShop tee.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Lingerie Inspiration

Jason Wu Leather pants lace top lingerie as outerwear inspiration styleonthecouch

Paul Seville Tufi Duek StyleOnTheCouch Lingerie Lust Inspiration

Zac Posen Fortnight Lingerie Pastel Lingerie Inspiration StyleOnTheCouchThis week’s Friday Lingerie Lust is a round up of my current inspirations and obsessions. First up, my continuing love affair with leather and leather accessories, with Paul Seville being high up on the most coveted list. Seville’s creations; belts, harnesses and accessories are made from an exotic selection of leathers such as snakeskin – all hand finished to appear vintage-y with a fantasy feel. (Think Game of Throne’s Queen of Dragons).

Peachy, pinky pastels are very much in vogue right now.  I’m rather inspired by this bra and pencil high waist skirt look by Jason Wu, whose recent collections have mixed leather body accessories with fairytale gowns, a striking combination.

Finally, I continue to add lingerie-as-outerwear inspiration to my pinterest boards.  Zac Posen’s line for SS13 was a delightfully glamorous display of tulle and chiffon designed for women ‘to find joy and power in dressing’.  I’ll take that as a mental note for choosing my underpinnings, thank you Mr Posen!

Hope you find some lovely inspiration here this Friday, Blog Reader.

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