LK Bennett Shoes: Born in Britain, Made in Spain


LK Bennett Shoes


LK Bennett Shoes


LK Bennett Shoes


There are those brands who come and go, and there are those brands whom you come to love and rely on again and again for beautiful design and comfort.  LK Bennett, who I adore for their attention to both great fit and glamour, are one of ‘those’ brands for me and my style. Back in 2012 I reviewed their collaboration with Caroline Issa – Fashion Director of Tank Magazine – a series of playful and unique heels inspired by Issa’s travels in and around Thailand.  Themes of neon, embroidery, oriental flowers and the occasional pom pom made for a delightful summer collection, perfect for giving you that spring in your summer step.

This fashion-forward collaboration with Issa was a phenomenal success, and Issa remains involved with the brand today.  Recently Caroline worked with LK Bennett on this video to promote the high quality of craftsmanship that goes into the brand’s designs, a project that took Issa to Spain to witness the creation of LK Bennett’s heels in their main factory in a rather unassuming corner of Alicante, chosen for its artisan approach to design; where skills from the factory workers are passed down from generation to generation.

The video is an interesting demonstration of the process that goes into the creation of one of the brand’s signature designs, their Floret court shoe, which I styled in this blog post. Did you know that there are up to 70 steps that go into the process of creating a basic court shoe? For more detailed styles, as many as 100+ steps are involved.

LK Bennett are proud to combine British heritage with Spanish artisanal expertise.  The Floret court, with her perfect heel height, pointed toe and timeless silhouette, is a firm fashion favourite.  Head over to LK Bennett today to discover more about the making of this iconic shoe.

Wearing: Floret patent leather court heels, LK Bennett.  Dress: Cameo The Label.

Photography: With thanks to James Chastney.

Under the Boardwalk: Cropped Tops & Warm Coats




Zara-crop-top-styleonthecouch-1Cropped tops and warm coats, you say? Yes, Blog Reader, welcome to a beach shoot in the East of England.  Best laid plans and all that…

Last week I hung out with photographer James Chastney in Great Yarmouth, one of those wonderfully predictable English seaside towns (cue: rain, wind and umbrellas) full of old amusement rides, candy floss kiosks and the obligatory carousel.  In between dodging showers during which we challenged each other in the arcades we found some shelter underneath the pier (not so much shelter from the wind perhaps!) for some photos.

I’m always about keeping things simple with black, white and denim and summer whites in particular seem such hot property for 2014. Hence the investment in this simple tee with a twist here.  I swear that some of the most amazing pieces from Zara come and go in the blink of an eye – not only did I spy this Balenciaga-style cropped, frilled and layered top in store without getting a whiff of it on the Zara website beforehand; I couldn’t find the link back to the style by the time I wrote this post two weeks later. In the hope it may appear again – here is a link to some similar styles.  Wear with high-waisted jeans or full skirt, or pair with white trousers if you dare.

It’s a long bank holiday weekend here in England, which for me means lots of free time after a very busy week (you’ll notice the absence of posting, due to work and traveling here there and everywhere).  Tonight I’m spending some time catching up on my favourite blogs and browsing online.  I’m also finishing off some posts about my recent trip to Iceland, so check back soon if you want some travel and shopping trips for Reykjavik and beyond.

Wearing: Zara top; ASOS Ridley high-waist jeans; Marks & Spencer coat; Shoe the Bear sneakers.

Photographer: The awesome James Chastney.

Make-up artist: With thanks to Flamingo Amy.