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Yiqing Yin Fall Winter 2012featured

Yiqing Yin Fall Winter 2012

Known for her feather-light creations where pleats and ruffles are rife and seem to float in space, Yiqing Yin‘s goal as a designer is to create garments that protect and reinforce whilst functioning like a second skin. Emigrating from China at the age of four and moving around several countries meant Yin turned to clothes Read more


StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Iris Van Herpenfeatured

StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Iris Van Herpen

Sometimes, Blog Reader, I play the ‘if-I-were-a-supermodel-game’ of choosing which designers I should like to wear should I have my pick of the catwalks.  In this fantasy I am usually dressed in Iris Van Herpen, designer of haute couture, an astonishing combination of fine handwork techniques and futuristic technology.  Vogue said of Van Herpen, ‘If Lady Read more