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Sally Jones Lingerie Raw long nightdress

Sally Jones Lingerie bodysuit

Sally Jones Lingerie Pearl Romper

Sally Jones Sj Lingerie PEARL Lace nightdress

Born out of a love for lace and a beautiful passion for exquisite fabrics, luxury lingerie and sleepwear brand SJ Lingerie is a wonderful find, with a series of collections for the bold and daring romantic.

‘Raw’ features hand cut lace layered and placed on raw edge tulle. The long nightdress from this collection is a uniquely dramatic piece full of enchantment. ‘Pearl’ is my favourite from the current collections. Delicate beaded embroidery detail on soft tulle panels with silk charmeuse skirts and French lace inserts – the Pearl romper is full of allure, with a tie that slips into a bow at the back highlighting the waistline.  This collection has such a glamourous vintage feel that draws me to it.

Completely and utterly desirable, you can shop SJ Lingerie at their online boutique.  All garments are handmade and made to order in Australia.  If your lingerie is as important as your outerwear, you will, like me, surely be a devoted fan of this brand.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Hopeless

My friend-in-the-know Le Choix Trois emailed me about Hopeless Lingerie, the brainchild of Australian designer Gabrielle Adamidis and her sister Dominique.  Described as a brand that “combines vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and convenience” there is much to fall in love with, especially their Mirror collection (photo, above) and the fabulously flirty Cheryl garter with bows (photo, below)

The Revenge collection is very Film Noir……

….and we see rich colour in Posie:

Hopeless also have a blog called Spoke and Daggers which I am quite addicted to.  Gabrielle shares her thoughts about the design process, shows us her mood boards and posts stills from classic and cult movies that provide further inspiration for her collections. She references some great B movies and you’ve got to love a girl who takes inspiration from the likes of Russ Meyer!! The blog also collections together images from photoshoots using the lingerie, such as this shot from Laura Neumeister, below:

More images, this time from Vlad Savin:

And finally some shots by Emily Abay – I simply adore the high waisted knickers here, sadly these are from a previous collection (much sobbing ensues…):

Sexy and beautiful.  That’s Hopeless Lingerie.  You can purchase the handmade designs through the website and on their Etsy shop.  Have a fabulous and flirty weekend, Blog Reader! xo

Next week I’ll be catching up on blog posts about places I’ve travelled to recently: boutiques I found, outfits I wore…. from Austin, Texas and Canada.  After that I’m heading to California for a two week road trip – I may blog now and then, but you can also keep up with my adventures on my Travel Tumblr.