Valentine’s Day Lingerie Guide Part II: Something Naughty



  Last week’s Friday Lingerie featured some beautifully delicate intimates from Fleur of England, a perfect Valentine’s Day gift solution for women preferring traditionally romantic or softly seductive styles.  However, since not all women are created equal, today’s Part II might appeal to those who prefer more avant grade designs; those who see themselves as […]

Fleet Ilya Corset Belt: Still The Dark Side Of The Force



I love a mix of hard and soft textures within an outfit.  A crisp white shirt and a soft, flowing leather jacket; a fluffy cropped Angora sweater and a sharp cashmere blend A line skirt (and so on, and so forth.)  If you haven’t got the right mixture of fabrics and textures to complete this […]

Fashion Essentials: 5) Leather



For this part of my Fashion Essentials series I am talking about a great love.  I have an on-going romance with leather; no longer a fashion luxury but a fashion staple (faux or no).  The three key items I want to focus on for your capsule closet are the leather jacket; the perfect leather pant […]


Lifestyle, Style


I have always been the opinion that change is a good thing. Something is always lost, but there is much to be gained in the process of metamorphosis and transformation. In this, my fourth year of blogging, there is a new blog design for StyleOnTheCouch that reflects the simplicity and purity I seek in my […]

Fleet Ilya Leather Suspender Harness


Fleet Ilya Leg Harness StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Currently showing their amazing designs at Paris Fashion Week, London-based brand Fleet Ilya are continually innovating with their hand crafted leather accessories; from bags to visors to corsets to harnesses for the body.  This suspender leg harness, from ‘restraint’ which blurs the line between leather bondage and high fashion, has adjustable belt straps across the […]