I have always been the opinion that change is a good thing. Something is always lost, but there is much to be gained in the process of metamorphosis and transformation.

In this, my fourth year of blogging, there is a new blog design for StyleOnTheCouch that reflects the simplicity and purity I seek in my clothing. What you will see on my blog in 2014 is a little more of ‘me’ – in fashion, in lifestyle, and in the details of my life.

In December I took a break from blogging after a personal loss. It was a time to mourn as well as to rejuvenate and I travelled back to the US; to Miami for Art Basel, to Atlanta for family and to Mexico for adventure.  These photos were taken at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, a beautiful gallery providing a journey through time and across continents.  On this day I chose to wear some of my favourite pieces of the present, including my new Fleet Ilya corset belt, a Christmas gift.

I adore Fleet llya.  Their sculpted leather designs without boundaries make them intense and interesting additions to a wardrobe.  I’ll be wearing this belt again over a flowing dress for New Year’s Eve.

Welcome to my new blog, Reader.  Thank you for supporting the site to grow over the past four years and for being part of my own style adventures.  Happy New Year!

Wearing: Zara Cropped Sweater; Fleet Ilya Large Cut Out Point Corset Belt, French Connection Jumpsuit.  Clutch; Curly In The City Etsy Shop.

Photography: William Williams

Fashion Visors: Fleet Ilya, Lanvin, McQueen & Balenciaga

Fleet Ilya Visor in Leather StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Leather visor Fleet Ilya StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Fleet Ilya Leather Visor by William Williams Photography for StyleOnTheCouch

Fleet Ilya Leather Visor StyleOntheCouch William Williams Photography

Fashion visor trends styleonthecouchI can never leave the Fleet Ilya showroom empty handed, Blog Reader.  My last visit saw me leave with not only my new belt but this fabulous visor.   Made from smooth saddlery leather with brass hardware and a buckle fastening at the back, I wear it with many of my all black looks when I’m not into full-on hat wearing.  Some further fashion-visor inspiration above – from McQueen, Lanvin (a cool 375 GBP, I say get the pink) and Balenciaga (only a little Darth-Vader-like and made much sweeter by blogger Hanelli wearing it well, here).  If you need a cheaper alternative then try Ebay for this sporty version.

Fleet Ilya have some wonderful new visor styles out for SS13 so check their website for these coming soon.  They also use different textures and I particularly like this PVC version.  And now for some sun, please England, so I can wear mine more…..

Photos: William Williams.

Fleet Ilya Leather Suspender Harness

Fleet Ilya Suspender Harness StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

StyleOnTheCouch Fleet Ilya Harness William Williams Photography

Fleet Ilya Leg Harness StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Fleet Ilya Suspender Leg Harness - StyleOnTheCouch - William Williams Photography

Currently showing their amazing designs at Paris Fashion Week, London-based brand Fleet Ilya are continually innovating with their hand crafted leather accessories; from bags to visors to corsets to harnesses for the body.  This suspender leg harness, from ‘restraint’ which blurs the line between leather bondage and high fashion, has adjustable belt straps across the waist, legs and on the suspender attachments to make it the perfect fit for my body.  A bold piece, I’ve been wearing it over my high waisted jeans and with a simple tucked-in tee, as well as with a tee flowing out just over the top of the jeans to reveal the suspender straps below.

Many fashion designers for both spring summer and autumn winter 2013 took cues from bondage and fetish for their collections.  If you are looking for accessories in this vein that are fun and sexy, go take a look at Fleet Ilya. For more images of their autumn winter campaign click here (you may spy this suspender piece in red…)

You can see further examples of Fleet Ilya on my site: here styling their Diamond body piece and here a leather cuff. I’m such a fan of the brand, visiting their showroom is a delight (many pieces they design are not listed on their website, so if you have something in mind it is worth calling them.)  Many thanks also to Resha and the team at Fleet Ilya for getting this piece to me so quickly after I saw it in their showroom. I adore it!

Photos: William Williams.