Fashion & Fitness: Camyoga (Wolford Body, MICHI NY Leggings)




Wolford-bodysuit-MichiNY-CamYoga-1I am a true believer that if you love fashion, this sentiment will enter into all aspects of your wardrobe, be it outerwear, underwear, or accessories.  Even fitness wear – I find that the right workout gear can motivate me to get moving, get to my class on time and get me ready for action before I’ve even started.

Here in my new hometown of Cambridge, UK, I’ve signed up with Camyoga to work on my strength and flexibility.  Boasting three yoga studios, a delightful cafe bar and a vibrant community of yoga, pilates and ballet enthusiasts, I’ve been inspired to (re)start Barre Fitness, which I am attending twice a week.  Barre Fitness brings together the best elements of ballet, pilates, sports conditioning and stretching in a one hour full body workout. The moves are fairly low impact but high intensity intervals of strength training followed immediately by deep recovery stretching. More about this method of exercise in my second Fashion & Fitness post (to come…!)

So, I caught up with Rachel Blyth at the studios for a chat about the minefield of different yoga types and the benefits of these, as well as more on the Camyoga philosophy:

I’ve been a member of Camyoga for just a few weeks and I already feel so welcome there. Tell me about the Camyoga community and how it began…

After several years teaching yoga and training yoga teachers in venues around Cambridge, Camyoga’s founder Louise Palmer Masterton recognised that there was a real need for a dedicated yoga centre in the area. Never shy of a challenge, Louise embarked on this rather ambitious project and Camyoga’s first studio opened its doors in Central Cambridge in 2010. The centre was the first of its kind in Cambridge and really tapped into the needs of the city’s population. So much so, that we opened Camyoga Shelford just two years later! We now have both a lively urban centre and our flagship teacher training studio in the tranquil surroundings of South Cambridge…two diverse and state-of-the-art venues.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Wow, where to begin?! A regular yoga practice can have profound benefits, on both body and mind. Physically, you will start to feel more mobile, with a greater range of movement and a certain “comfortableness” that comes from releasing tension.  Breathwork is key to yoga, and learning how to breathe fully can be a life-changer! You’ll gain a whole new tool for increasing your energy and vitality, or calming down when you need to. Depending on the style of yoga practice, yoga can be a full-on cardio workout, or a nourishing, rejuvenating nerve soother. Mentally, regular practitioners report feeling more relaxed, more connected to the present moment, more “in control” of their lives and thoughts, with less mental “chatter”. All this means yoga is brilliant for managing stress and supporting the immune system.

So many different styles of yoga exist.  Can you give a brief overview of the main ones so beginners (like me!) understand which class to choose based on fitness goals and aims?

Yes we have over 60 classes a week in a whole range of styles, so it can be a little tricky to know where to start! Our classic Yoga Open classes are a great starting point. The best advice is to try a few classes to find out which teachers resonate with you. The same style, taught by different teachers, can offer a very different experience indeed. If you’re looking for an energetic practice which will help you to tone up, get fit and possibly even lose weight, then classes such as Hot Yoga and Hot Power Yoga are for you. If you don’t like the heat but do want to keep things dynamic then Yoga Flow is a beautiful, almost dance-like practice. If you need to rest, renew and nourish yourself then Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga are great starting points. If you love philosophy, chanting and the history of yoga then Jivamukti is a very integrated practice, whilst Forrest Yoga is a strong, healing practice which emphasises the breath and being fully present to the sensations unfolding in your body. So, there are a few styles to get you heading in the right direction! If you’re still not sure, give us a call or email Izzy our Yoga Advisor  - She’s super friendly and really great at matching the right style of yoga to the individuals’ needs!

Camyoga really emphasises the mind-body connection.  What are the benefits of Mindfulness, which seems to be a unique addition to your programme?

Mindfulness has been subject to over 600 scientific research reports, which reveal a really wide range of benefits. Above all, mindfulness is a very simple practice which can be built into your daily life. It can give you the tools to cultivate a high level of attention, to move from being reactive to considered in all of your responses, and to recognise the tricks that our minds can play on us; those tricks which increase stress and anxiety.

How often should you practice yoga?

Ah, well at Camyoga we have a handy saying – Once a week? Good. Twice a week? Great. Three times a week? Amazing! There are no hard and fast rules but when you start to fit a little yoga into your schedule, you’ll find yourself wanting to do more and more naturally. And the more, the better, really!

What should I wear to my first yoga class?

Comfort is paramount, and a little stretchiness always helps too. We’d recommend leggings or jogging bottoms and a tee or tank top. Shorts are fine too, especially for hot practices!

I also love running and pilates. Are some forms of exercise more compatible with yoga than others?

Yoga supports and complements all sports, and can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs. Some of the benefits of sports specific yoga include injury prevention, improved flexibility and movement efficiency, improved breathing and improved awareness. To find out more we’d really recommend An Introduction to Yoga for Sports People, a 2 day course with expert Hayley Winter, later this month. Click HERE to read more.

What are you waiting for, Blog Reader? Get moving!

Photos: Taken by Beth Morton, on location at Camyoga studios. With thanks to Rachel, Chris and Izzy.

Wearing: Michi NY leggings. Bodysuit: Wolford.

Thanks also to A Girl A Style for the yoga studio recommendation!

MICHI Athletic Wear Fall 2013







I do, Blog Reader, love my fashion and love my fitness. When the two collide in a major way, as one of my all time favourite athletic apparel brands MICHI NY has done season after season, I have to share it with you.  I’ve featured other MICHI collections on StyleOnTheCouch – I was fortunate to meet owner and designer Michelle Watson in NYC and I the pieces I purchased from her debut collection are still very much in tip top condition today despite a lot of gym wear.

For Fall 2013 Watson sticks to her signatures: mesh inserts, unique sports bra designs and streamlined silhouettes.  She then highlights colour with bold flashes of blue and green e.g. her Throttle Tank.  The Siren bra is new – a showstopping design perfect for yoga or dance.  There are some interesting new textures too; a reptile skin gym pant with faux leather and a bomber jacket with faux suede sleeves.

This is a pretty sexy gymwear collection, Blog Reader. Read more about Fall 2013: click HERE for the MICHI NY website and online shop.

Beauty Lies In Strength: Sure Deodorant / CrossFit Challenge Part II


Sure Maximum Protection CrossFit Challenge StyleOnTheCouch

Crossfit fitness nike sports bra and leggings styleonthecouch william williams photographer

Sure Maximum Protection CrossFit Challenge StyleOnTheCouch 2A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my Sure Maximum Protection challenge.  You can read my little introduction HERE.  Taking on CrossFit to get in shape for my wedding in the United States next month, I’ve been putting Sure’s new Clean Fresh deodorant through its paces to test the claim that it’s really 2 x stronger than other deodorants.

My daytime involves working as a Psychologist in a busy hospital setting. Rather than spending all my time sitting in the therapist’s chair I’m often running around between wards and patients.  Come the evening you can find me at CrossFit, a gym for people who share the core values of community, energy and results – and a hard hitting workout to boot; strength and barbell lifts along with gymnastic movements and holds often performed against the clock.

Sure’s Maximum Protection range boasts four a 48hr antiperspirant deodorant made with a special formula designed to enhance wetness protection. Now for the science part, Blog Reader.  When applied at night as Sure recommends, the formula adapts to the body by forming a deep layer of protection across sweat glands to reduce the embarrassment of wet patches the following day.

I used Clean Fresh for over a week which included three CrossFit training sessions.  If you’re busy, strong and like to be challenged physically with a work out you need to consider this product.  It is a different deodorant.  The cream is especially moisturizing which is great for someone like me who has dry skin. I didn’t get any of the usual ‘clumps’ coming off on my underarms as I’ve found happening with cream-based deodorants in the past which is a plus for my clothes too.

The weirdest thing for me to get used to was applying the product at night-time and then feel confident that I’d stay clean and fresh the next day.  But I did, Blog Reader, and I made it all through workouts like this…

3 rounds as fast as you can:
400m run
21 x kettlebell swings
12 x pull ups

…without my armpits declaring to the world how much hard work I had to do just to finish! You know, I think this also gave me the confidence to work harder…  often the perception is that sweat = results, therefore I found myself feeling I could workout faster each time.  Maximum Protection really stood up to the test of being 2 x stronger than other deodorants when put under pressure. I’m still going to CrossFit. And I may well be wearing Sure on my wedding day too :)

Photos: William Williams.

Post sponsored by SURE who gave me a free product trial of their Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant.