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  I’ve been really fortunate to be able to continue exercising in pregnancy, with a few adaptations to my usual routine and a lot of listening to what my body needs.  I’ve continued with the gym and my regular barre class, finding I’m only really having to wind down a little at 36 weeks because […]

Barre Fitness: Kore Wear (Fit To The Kore)

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  When you find a method of exercise that works for you, you sick faithfully to it because you see the results and have fun doing it.  Barre Fitness has become this for me, a unique method of cross-conditioning that utilizes the most effective aspects of ballet, pilates, flexibility and strength training.  In a typical […]

Beauty Lies in Strength: CrossFit / Sure Challenge


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In just one month, Blog Reader, I head over to the States to get married*.  Inspired by uber-fit American-fiance I’ve taken on a bit of a fitness challenge before the day, over at the CrossFit Norwich gym.  Here I take on a series of WODs (Workout-Of-The-Day) resulting in an intense fitness session involving squats and lifts with […]