MICHI Athletic Wear Fall 2013







I do, Blog Reader, love my fashion and love my fitness. When the two collide in a major way, as one of my all time favourite athletic apparel brands MICHI NY has done season after season, I have to share it with you.  I’ve featured other MICHI collections on StyleOnTheCouch – I was fortunate to meet owner and designer Michelle Watson in NYC and I the pieces I purchased from her debut collection are still very much in tip top condition today despite a lot of gym wear.

For Fall 2013 Watson sticks to her signatures: mesh inserts, unique sports bra designs and streamlined silhouettes.  She then highlights colour with bold flashes of blue and green e.g. her Throttle Tank.  The Siren bra is new – a showstopping design perfect for yoga or dance.  There are some interesting new textures too; a reptile skin gym pant with faux leather and a bomber jacket with faux suede sleeves.

This is a pretty sexy gymwear collection, Blog Reader. Read more about Fall 2013: click HERE for the MICHI NY website and online shop.

Beauty Lies In Strength: Sure Deodorant / CrossFit Challenge Part II


Sure Maximum Protection CrossFit Challenge StyleOnTheCouch

Crossfit fitness nike sports bra and leggings styleonthecouch william williams photographer

Sure Maximum Protection CrossFit Challenge StyleOnTheCouch 2A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my Sure Maximum Protection challenge.  You can read my little introduction HERE.  Taking on CrossFit to get in shape for my wedding in the United States next month, I’ve been putting Sure’s new Clean Fresh deodorant through its paces to test the claim that it’s really 2 x stronger than other deodorants.

My daytime involves working as a Psychologist in a busy hospital setting. Rather than spending all my time sitting in the therapist’s chair I’m often running around between wards and patients.  Come the evening you can find me at CrossFit, a gym for people who share the core values of community, energy and results – and a hard hitting workout to boot; strength and barbell lifts along with gymnastic movements and holds often performed against the clock.

Sure’s Maximum Protection range boasts four a 48hr antiperspirant deodorant made with a special formula designed to enhance wetness protection. Now for the science part, Blog Reader.  When applied at night as Sure recommends, the formula adapts to the body by forming a deep layer of protection across sweat glands to reduce the embarrassment of wet patches the following day.

I used Clean Fresh for over a week which included three CrossFit training sessions.  If you’re busy, strong and like to be challenged physically with a work out you need to consider this product.  It is a different deodorant.  The cream is especially moisturizing which is great for someone like me who has dry skin. I didn’t get any of the usual ‘clumps’ coming off on my underarms as I’ve found happening with cream-based deodorants in the past which is a plus for my clothes too.

The weirdest thing for me to get used to was applying the product at night-time and then feel confident that I’d stay clean and fresh the next day.  But I did, Blog Reader, and I made it all through workouts like this…

3 rounds as fast as you can:
400m run
21 x kettlebell swings
12 x pull ups

…without my armpits declaring to the world how much hard work I had to do just to finish! You know, I think this also gave me the confidence to work harder…  often the perception is that sweat = results, therefore I found myself feeling I could workout faster each time.  Maximum Protection really stood up to the test of being 2 x stronger than other deodorants when put under pressure. I’m still going to CrossFit. And I may well be wearing Sure on my wedding day too :)

Photos: William Williams.

Post sponsored by SURE who gave me a free product trial of their Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant.

Beauty Lies in Strength: CrossFit / Sure Challenge

Crossfit Norwich challenge styleonthecouch WIlliam WIlliams Photographer nike bra and leggings

Crossfit Norwich nike bra and leggings


Crossfit challenge

In just one month, Blog Reader, I head over to the States to get married*.  Inspired by uber-fit American-fiance I’ve taken on a bit of a fitness challenge before the day, over at the CrossFit Norwich gym.  Here I take on a series of WODs (Workout-Of-The-Day) resulting in an intense fitness session involving squats and lifts with gymnastic movements.  It’s a huge challenge for someone my shape and size but one that reminds me that beauty lies in strength which is a great feeling.

But. It’s summer. It’s hot. And I’m one sweaty mess when it comes to intense physical activity, the level of which I haven’t experienced since I hung up my pointe shoes many years ago.  To accompany my new (and far more serious) fitness regime I needed a new deodorant to protect me from the moment I applied it all the way through the CrossFit workouts.  Sure sent me one of their new Maximum Protection range to test out (four scents are available, I will be taking Clean Scent through its paces) – designed to provide 48hr protection against perspiration. You read that right, 48 hrs – meaning I can apply the unique cream format at night time and allow the product to adjust and adapt to my body whilst resting.  Because my body temperature is consistent at night when I am sleeping, Sure’s new TRIsolidTM technology can acclimatise to my skin and form a protective network across my sweat glands for a deep layer of protection.  Well hey, perfect for psychologist-me running around the hospital during the day to all my different sessions and perfect for gym-bunny me with my CrossFit challenge two to three times a week in the evenings.  Sure claim that their new range is 2x stronger than other deodorants, so check back next week to read more about my workouts and see how Clean Scent performed.

*Eeeeee!! :)

Photos of me by said uber-fit-American-fiance William Williams.

Post sponsored by SURE who gave me a free product trial of their Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant.  For further information on sponsorship or collaborations please email me at styleonthecouch@gmail.com