Fashion Essentials: 5) Leather



For this part of my Fashion Essentials series I am talking about a great love.  I have an on-going romance with leather; no longer a fashion luxury but a fashion staple (faux or no).  The three key items I want to focus on for your capsule closet are the leather jacket; the perfect leather pant […]

Fashion Essentials: 4) Denim


William Williams style on the couch-31

Next up in my Fashion Essentials series is denim.  Originally only for manual laborers because of its durability, Levi Strauss popularized denim in the 19th century, manufacturing overalls or ‘jeans pants’  as they were known, for coal miners in the USA. “By the 1930s, cowboys in the United States had also adopted this seemingly indestructible […]

Fashion Essentials: 3) Lace



Lace may not at first seem an integral part of an Essentials series.  But bear with me, Blog Reader, as I want to explain that a few vital pieces of lace can make you feel like fashion royalty. The trick with lace is to mix it with more tailored pieces or heavy accessories for a cool […]

Fashion Essentials: 2) Capsule Closet



The second part of my Fashion Essentials series brings you all those vital capsule closet items that hold the secret to enduring style. Mostly monochrome or neutral colorings, don’t forget that the art to capsule dressing also requires great accessories, and for that I refer you to my previous post… 1)  Trousers The essential trouser […]

Fashion Essentials: (1) Accessories



Welcome, Blog Reader, to my March series of ‘Fashion Essentials‘; all those wonderful basic and capsule wardrobe items we wish for to make, create and perfect our favourite outfits. First up, Essential Accessories.  Here are my suggestions for the all-star items that will raise your style to new heights of fabulousness. 1) Wide brimmed hat. […]