Highlighter AG Jeans: Purple and Peplum

Just before the humidity became overwhelming in New York this month, Blog Reader, I took these highlighter purple Stilt jeans from Adriano Goldschmied out for a spin around the East Village.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens.

Back in January at the Texworld USA apparel fabrics show in NYC, several of the trend-focussed seminars talked about the rise of coloured and printed denim and related jeanswear fabrics.  This shows no sign of stopping into fall but darker colours (crimson reds, sea greens) are back on the menu, along with leather (who wants to buy me these?) and metallic (for example here.).  I almost rolled my eyes into the back of my head, Blog Reader, when pastel and neon coloured trousers became popular*, but having spent a week in Austin where the colours are bright and the sun is always shining, I can appreciate the need for lighter denim.

I’m quite a fan of the Stilt variety of jeans by AG Jeans – they have a nice soft feel and stretch to them and they come in a range of fabrics, including ikat and tie dye print. The highlighter purple colour goes perfectly with my bargain Marni heels from Moss Austin which I bought last year.

A platform shoe might feel a little unbalanced with the skinny jeans I guess, but the shape  of the heel is so uniquely Marni I quite like showing it off regardless :-) Paired with a simple peplum top from H&M I was brunch-ready this day.

Wearing: Marni heels from Moss Austin; The Stilt jean from AG Jeans; peplum top from H&M, leather bracelet, Bordelle.

Have a wonderful weekend, Blog Reader! This Sunday I’m shooting photos of my new Atsuko Kudo latex skirt for the blog, along with some of the dreamy summer designs from Alice Yim. Next week I have an update for you on Urban Outfitters denim styles for fall and on Friday a look at the new collection from Lascivious, a brand I adore, who launch their new lingerie collection on Monday. Do pop back next week!

*A skill I am becoming adept at as Brit in NYC but I don’t think the Americans like me for it :-)

The Psychology of Colour: Blue

When I was a teenager I asked my parents if I could paint my bedroom blue.  They complained it was too ‘cold’ a colour, but I think blue actually has quite a calming feel – good for a place you sleep in (I argued my point*).  Blue has a natural, restful feel (most of the earth’s surface is blue, the sky is blue…) and rather interestingly uniforms are often blue, so it’s also quite a reassuring colour.

There is another side to blue – we can get ‘the blues’ or feel sad and ‘blue’ and too much blue might be seem as uncaring, clinical and aloof.  Since I like my fashion with a side of contradictions, I’m going all out blue with this outfit.  And I can honestly say I love the outfit in this post.  I adore the combination of blue hues I’m wearing with a splash of tan and gold (the latter helped enormously by these amazing heels from Coye Nokes I don’t want to take off!)

Both my jeans and my shirt here are from Gap, who I often turn to for every day casuals.  Gap’s spring mood boards promised sunshine, warmth and easy breezy days, unexpected colour and clean, retro silhouettes and their new collection is just that.

Not wanting to be too casual, these Coye Nokes heels lend a little bit of glam to the look. Only just seen around my neck is my chunky gold necklace from Reiss and I’m carrying my perfect-for-spring scallop edge satchel from ASOS.

Calming, cooling and sedate; brilliant, electric and intuitive – how does blue make you feel and how do you wear it, Blog Reader?

Wearing: Heels from Coye Nokes; Satchel from ASOS; Oxford shirt and jean leggings from Gap. Belt from Dorothy Perkins; Necklace from Reiss.
Photos by the amazingly talented Lydia Hudgens.

*in-case you were wondering, my room was painted blue and my parents agreed with me (in the end) that it was a nice colour.

6th Street Blues

I am more than a little obsessed with Gap since my move to New York City.  I love my feminine dresses, but I return to Gap every time I want denim that perfectly fits my shape, like these super lightweight legging jeans here. I wore this outfit for a night out in 6th Street in Austin last week: dinner at The Iron Cactus and drinks at Maggie Mae’s.

I know you might shy away from the fit of the legging jean, Blog Reader, but before you make up your mind watch this video from Gap that illustrates the thought process behind this new design for Autumn/Winter:

Gap really do have some amazing denim colours in store right now, for Fall.  I have my eye on these shades – green and brilliant blue:

Before you ask, Blog Reader, yes of course I own the legging jeans in black.

Gap have thrown some amazing offers out there recently.  In the US (though slightly affected by hurricane Irene), they offered 50% off denim.  It really was just as well I was forced to stay indoors! Do check out their facebook page (US and international) as I often find offers advertised there first.

Anyone thinking of investing in coloured denim right now?

Wearing: legging jeans and crewneck tee from GAP.  Wedges from ALDO.  Belt from Dorothy Perkins.