The Voyeur Harness and Bordelle Autumn Winter 12/13

A slightly different Friday feature for you this week, Blog Reader: both a lingerie feature and an outfit post.  During my last trip home to London I had the opportunity to once again pay a visit to the fantastic creative team at Bordelle.  This Friday feature focusses on their stunning new autumn winter 12/13 collection, inspired by the movies of David Lynch, specifically the surreal ‘Blue Velvet’ with all its dreamy imagery.

Bordelle’s new autumn winter 12/13 is rich in film noir shades (black and neutrals), punctuated with (what else but) velvety purple and deep red.  Some of my favourites from the new line are the Blue Velvet Justine Plunge Bra and Velvet Odile knicker which make a wonderful everyday set with a little opulence.

Above: the Voyeur Angela dress, this season’s take on Bordelle’s signature classic.

Within this new fashion forward lingerie collection are several pieces that can be worn as outerwear.  Their Voyeur Harness is a spectacular body accessory that Bordelle introduced me to during my very first visit to their HQ – I loved the style so much I put in my order there and then.

I’ve been wearing the harness over the simplest dresses and plain tees.  Created from satin elastic panelling, the shoulder pads give this piece great structure.  It is fully adjustable at the front, back and sides – and along the sides run bold, gold plated rings.  You can wear the harness two ways (in the style I am showing here, the front is technically the back of the harness but I prefer the emphasis on the back with the ring design).  The harness is a perfect accompaniment to Bordelle’s floor sweeping Isabella gown, below:

Other favourites from the new collection are the Voyeur suspender, a body contouring piece with two oversized gold rings at the sides and the masterpiece that is the Tutu waspie – a girdle with satin elastic panelling and tulle peplum overlay.  This ability to create truly fashion forward lingerie, to continually innovate and evolve signature designs is one of the reasons I like Bordelle so much.

Photos of me: Lydia Hudgens.
Above: the Voyeur Open Bra and Suspender. Lingerie pictures: Bordelle, shot by Jonas Bresnan.
I’m wearing: Bordelle Voyeur HarnessBCBG Lexie Essential Knit Maxi Dress and Mango Fetish Sandal.

Provocative, dominant and highly sexy – I said before I feel that Bordelle encourage you to bring out your assertive inner goddess and this new collection is no exception.  You can see the full range on the Bordelle site here.

Friday Lingerie Lust: Bordelle

Provocative, dominant and sexy.  This is Atelier Bordelle - founded in 2007 by Alexandra Pope and designer Javier Suarez - the British label making waves for their seductive and luxurious pieces.  This unique brand creates clothes that bring out your assertive inner goddess whilst also appealing to those fashionably minded who might want that something extra special underneath their outerwear.

My favourite item that tends to feature each season is their cage dress. Designed in their signature style of elastic satin bandages that “cage” and frame the curves of the body, these pieces have been featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle and Pop magazine.  Having been high on my list of coveted items for a long while, finally on my birthday the cage dress became mine *squeals*.

They created my dress bespoke, and both the service and fit I received were excellent.  Not all lingerie that is “high end” produces high quality garments – Bordelle delivers on both fronts, with a total of ten of my measurements working their way into the design of my dress.

Today Bordelle launch their spring summer collection and I’m thrilled to be able to post these pictures this morning.  The S&M mentality continues with both a hotting up as well as a softening of their signature edgy style.  Cage dresses have been transformed with the addition of nude pink satin bandages and bondage is brought to the fore with metal rings and buckles. Risque? Yes.  Desirable? Absolutely.

Several pieces in white feature this summer.  I’m thinking fashion forward brides need to get shopping.

Finally, Bordelle also create a number of accessories that should not be overlooked.  I love that this year they included a body harness because I think these can look amazing over a simple tee and worn as outerwear.  Don’t believe me? Just check out Sass and Bide and Bliss Lau for further inspiration along these lines.  I really like the details of Bordelle’s accessories overall – strict but playful – the perfect adjunct to their lingerie pieces.

This season remains every bit as dramatic as the last.  A Bordelle piece is well worth the investment Blog Reader, I hope you check them out some time!