Guest Post: Rule Britannia by South Molton St Style

As I sort myself out on return from my European travels, Blog Reader, I hand you over to my good friend and fashion blogger extraordinaire Anna from South Molton St Style for a little guest post: focusing on emerging talent from the UK.

Having become united through our love of all things clean, simple and easy to wear, Sarah and I meet up and chat about what’s new in New York and London when one of us makes a transatlantic trip.  We met two weeks ago for a quick coffee in Topshop Oxford Circus aka “Fashion High Street Mecca” and Sarah pointed out how tricky it is to keep tabs on new emerging names in British fashion when you live abroad – so I thought I could help you expats with this little post (as well as introduce some potentially new names into the mix for all readers.)

As a basic principle, us Brits are quite into our red, white and blue at the moment – probably down to the Royal Jubilee at the beginning of June (we just enjoyed a Monday and Tuesday off in the sunshine to celebrate 60 years of Elizabeth II) and anything that has good, sharp tailoring.  We’re also fairly cautious shoppers at the moment, so we’ll either buy an investment capsule piece or something we know we can wear multiple times (and ideally roll over to the next season).  For these reasons I started my blog posts: Essential Series. The above outfit is a mix of new names and old favourites – all, obviously, being British.

First up, the red silk print tee is from Topshop.  I know the US are gradually getting stores across the country but I know the collections are more limited and from checking it is available on the US site here.  We are still obsessed with this store, and although other high streets stores are closely behind we really can’t not shop there when they make easy to wear chic pieces like this.

Now, the next few pieces are all sourced through a fabulous site called Young British Designers - a website/brand which finds, funds and helps new names in the British Fashion industry get noticed.  It works, they’re responsible for people like Erdem and Christopher Kane first getting ‘out there.’  Sign up to it here.  I use it all the time, and it’s how I found the shorts I have chosen – by a very talented Claire Judge of Aloe Clothing (pronouced Al-o-way).  Starting out in silk lingerie (Carrie and Charlotte wore her first collection in Sex and the City), Claire has now produced a day-wear collection and I love it – these Breton shorts retail at £90 and are available here.

The shoes are by J W Anderson, who I am hoping you already know – we Brits are very excited about him.  His SS12 collection was amazing and he basically started the pajama trousers trend that Stella McCartney and Peter Pilotto copied for their own.  I love these shoes, and love the combination of unique and wearable-several-times.  They’ll go with tonnes of outfits and are an absolute bargain for a designer shoe at £124.  Buy them here.  The necklace is by Daisy Knights, who creates fab one-off designs in gold, silver and coloured stones.  She is fairly well known for her skull rings but I love the anchor necklace, buy it here.  I am writing this whilst wearing four of her gold rings – I’m obsessed.

Finally the handbag is by another emerging talent, Sophie Hulme - here leather-wear is to DIE for and I’ve been lusting after this bag for yonks.  It’s so classic and I love the sharp shape – a fabulous alternative to the brown leather bucket bag from Zara that everyone and there dog own in London.  More pricey, but a price worth paying - click here to see more, it is selling out very quickly, and it £620.

I hope you like my choices – and if you do, please do pop over to see more on my little blog South Molton St Style. xx

Style Inspiration Series: Camille Over The Rainbow

Camille of Camille Over The Rainbow is my major girl crush right now.  Half French, half British and living in London since last year, Camille has that quintessentially French way of managing to keep things simple whilst looking every inch put together in an effortlessly chic way.  She compliments this very French way of styling herself with a British sense of fashion adventure and experimentation – this, she tells me, is why she loves Britain so much; “You can literally wear every runway trend (and more) and no one will bat an eyelid…. my style is more British in that I am always keen to try out edgy/crazy trends and have fun with the way I look.”

I asked Camille a few questions for this Style Inspiration feature….

What are you most coveting now, style-wise….? 
I have recently fallen in love with Proenza Schouler and would love to add one of their bags to my wardrobe. It’s between that or the white leather Pashli by Phillip Lim. I also really want a pair of hightops. I’m probably going to treat myself to a pair of the Isabel Marant’s but I will go for the lace ups not the Velcro which are slightly overexposed now. Other than that, I will be looking for lots of florals, pastel hues, and sportswear.
Whose wardrobe would you most like to raid….?
Without a doubt Leandra from the The Man Repeller. The girl has got staïle! and has mastered the art of layering like nobody’s business. Her wardrobe seems full of edgy trendy garments that I would love to get my hands on. Her jewellery draw and shoe closet seem pretty dreamy as well. Yep, just get me on a plane and I’m ready to raid.

How do you get dressed?
I guess after I have taken a peek at the weather I choose one item that I want to wear and work my way from there. I have to admit I rarely plan ahead, simply because I am just not organised enough. Thus my getting ready in the morning can vary between taking literally 10 mins and taking a lot longer when I’m having a bad day and I feel nothing fits and have nothing to wear (come on, we all have days like that). Because I often do my outfit shots during my lunch break, I make a point of a wearing a different look everyday to keep things interesting on the blog. My rule is to never wear the same outfit twice. I’ve become a pro at mixing things up, since I can’t afford that much new stuff.
Why do you blog?
I created Camille Over the Rainbow two years ago when I was on a year abroad in the UK and had very few hours in my academic schedule. Funnily enough I wasn’t an avid blog reader then and only knew a couple of fashion blogs when I started my own on a whim. It started off in French only as a kind of fashion journal of my experience living in the UK, but as my love for fashion increased and my commitment to the blog grew, I decided to write in both languages so that most of my readers could understand. It does take double the amount of time translating it all but I think its worth it! I think having your own blog is an excellent way to stay on top of what is happening in this fast paced industry, but also great practice for my future career. You see, I aspire to become a fashion journalist and trend reporting on a daily basis is the best way to improve and learn I think.

Tell me a secret…..
Where I come from fashion is still seen as incredibly frivolous and narcissistic and I have found it very hard to make my friends and family come to terms with the fact that I wanted to switch from law to fashion. For a long time I kept my blog under the radar and I still haven’t advertised its existence in my personal sphere. However one day you wake up and you realise you are living your life, and there is no point trying to fulfil other peoples dreams. Follow your own. I know I plan to.
Is there any ‘trend’ or fashion item that you cannot stand? What would you ‘never-be-seen-dead’ wearing?
Mmh that’s a tricky one, because there are so much haha!  I really dislike anything that is made out of (visibly) cheap fabric. Also hate the baroque print trend which makes everyone look vulgar I think. And leggings. Unless you are exercising or hanging around the house, they just should not be worn as trousers. The other thing that really gets me going are counterfeit bags. If you can’t afford it just look for something else. There is plenty out there. Or buy a loosely inspired version. Not one that has been made in a Chinese sweatshop, probably by children.

All photos: Camille.  You can read Camille’s blog by clicking here and follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@camtyox).  If you want any more links then your girl crush is as big as mine.  Told you so.  Merci beaucoup Camille! x