Friday Lingerie Lust: Tatu Couture

This week, Blog Reader, I bring you an exciting new find in directional lingerie.  Luisa Sidoli is the designer behind Tatu Couture, a label integrating tattoos with lingerie design.  The result is an edgy, dramatic collection of graphic, body sculpting pieces – featuring high-waisted knickers, bodysuits and boy shorts.

Now in her second collection, Luisa is providing me with the authenticity of a tattoo minus any potential pain or regret. I’ve always wanted a tattoo (I just need to work out the details, watch this space, Blog Reader) and until then I can happily work with Luisa’s designs.  Images here are largely from Tatu Couture’s second collection: ‘Sweet Surrender’, sitting alongside the previous ‘Illusion‘ range.  I love how Tatu Couture is evolving – for spring summer 2013 we see hints of the 1950s in new shapes and silhouettes such as the Lola Body (image directly above) with its V wiring.

My favourite addition to the collection is the soft cup bra (above).  The introduction of Chantilly lace and ivory as a new colour gives a softness to the otherwise dramatic seductiveness of Luisa’s pieces.

Sweet Surrender oozes an intense sensuality, reflective of a 1950’s Sicily with equal amounts of sex appeal and glamour. It combines a subtle blend of sophistication and rebelliousness with a play on the 50’s silhouettes and the alluring scenes of Baroque Italian culture.” ~ Tatu Couture

Body art meets fashion forward lingerie at Tatu Couture.  I see the bodysuits very much within the underwear as outerwear vein and I have my eye on the ivory Lola body for later in the year….  If you are in NYC you can buy Tatu Couture from Marc and Max on Bleecker Street.  The collection is also available to purchase online (with spring summer 2013 available to buy from November).

So hands up – who has a tattoo? I’d like some inspiration please….

Have a fabulous weekend, Blog Reader! StyleOnTheCouch xo

A Little Joan Holloway.

Joan: “You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl

~Mad Men Series.2 Ep.6:Maidenform

Whilst I simply adore all the costumes in the AMC TV series Mad Men, Joan Holloway’s outfits are the ones I find particularly striking.  The combination of colour and shape we see Joan wearing shows us the power of her femininity.  Janie Bryant, Costume Designer for the show, said of Joan: ‘she is a feminist who doesn’t realise it yet’.  This makes me like her character even more as she struts around the office showing everyone who is the bosslady.

Taking a lesson from Joan, I was inspired to purchase this ASOS White crepe red dress with Dolman sleeves.  I’ve written about both ASOS White and ASOS Black collections before and I always check back on the ASOS website now and again to see what new styles they are offering.  Right now ASOS White hosts some fabulous colours: bold reds, crisp whites, turquoise, neon yellows and even a ‘tutti frutti’ shorts mix!  Back to the dress – the sleeves here don’t really taper enough to be ‘Dolman’, they are in more of a Kimono style, but I love them all the same.    The dress isn’t quite as fitted as I would like it to be, but I’m thinking a (?gold) belt might help give additional shape.  A perfect dress in time for my return to the work place, Blog Reader, as my work permit arrived just last week!

Are you a Joan, Peggy or a Betty?  Or a Don, Roger or a Pete for that matter? Which Mad Men style can you see yourself in?