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Zana Bayne Harness StyleOnTheCouch 1

Zana Bayne StyleOnTheCouch Harness

Zana Bayne Harness StyleOnTheCouch

Zana Bayne StyleOnTheCouch


With the commencement of  New York Fashion Week, it feels fitting to hand this Friday Lingerie Focus over to my lingerie-loving-friend-from-across-the-pond, Lindsay from ThatJeNeSaisQuoi.   A regular guest post contributor on StyleOnTheCouch, for a while now we talked about collaborating on a feature about leather designer Zana Bayne, whose harnesses, belts, neck pieces and bootstraps have featured in countless fashion editorials.  I first noticed Bayne following her collaboration with Prabal Gurung on his dramatic fall winter 2012 collection ‘Uncursed’.  It is with much delight and envy I bring you Lindsay’s thoughts on this wonderful accessories designer:

If you’re a StyleOnTheCouch devotee, you will already know Sarah that is a true harness devotee.  We both possess the same Lascivious harness which is a great starter in common, but she has some bold pieces in her wardrobe including the Bordelle Voyeur harness, the FYI by Dani Read leg piece and several Fleet Ilya designs.  So when Sarah and I were talking restraint over champagne last summer (because that’s how lingerie bloggers do) and she didn’t yet know of the wonderful world of Zana Bayne, it was time for an introduction.

In addition to the Lascivious harness mentioned above, I have a CHROMAT elastic pentagram harness (so easy to wear) and now one from Zana Bayne.  Zana’s is my first all-leather piece and I am so in love with the Chevron design: multiple straps woven in and out of each other overlapping the body’s curves just so.  I also love is how adjustable it is.  There are two belt buckles that sit on the ribcage, one in the back and another that goes around the neck.  From the back it looks quite simple, just a buckle around the waist and strap around the neck, halter-style.

I think Sarah would agree that this design is best executed in striking white.  I have so much black in my wardrobe that it makes sense to add a sharp contrast, especially with the level of detail that goes into Zana Bayne leather goods and this harness in particular.

She’s got quite the selection, by the way. In the online shop you’ll find everything from full body skeleton leather outfits to structured peplum accessories.  One thing I hold near and dear to my heart is that everything is designed and created in New York City.

I can’t wait to wear this harness in the warmer summer months. I think it will look utterly feminine and chic over an easy, flowy white sundress, don’t you?  Thank you for having me in your corner of the Internet, Sarah!  It’s always such a pleasure to share a love of harnesses! xx

Lindsay is wearing: Chevron Harness by Zana Bayne.  Photos of Lindsay: The amazing Lydia Hudgens.

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