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It is, Blog Reader, that time of the year where I pack for Fashion Week.  I will be in a largely monochrome wardrobe, accessorized with a few of my favourite things – a bag big enough for my Canon, heels that I feel comfortable and fabulous in and the old harness body piece and leather visor here and there…

Vestiaire Collective is a luxuy re-sale store that been providing me with a lot of inspiration (case in point: Le Journal) and some key pieces for my fashion week wardrobe.  I met the team at Vestiaire back in December, at their party to celebrate the appointment of Bay Garnett as style advisor for the site.  Garnett is a valuable addition to Vestiaire (anyone who has read Cheap Date magazine will understand why!) whose mini series collection curated by fashion editors and overall approach to supplying authentic, quality pre-owned fashion is a big hit with me.

Vestiaire works like this: the team select clothing and accessories from their international community.  Items for sale are from current or recent seasons only, which keeps the site fresh and contemporary.  Brand new and slightly worn pieces sell at between 30-70% of their original retail prices, and with some highly sought after items on the site you can find yourself with the pick of some very fashionable bargains indeed.  Vestiaire inspect all the pieces sold through their site before it reaches the new owner – a lovely quality control process that gave me a lot of reassurance about what I was purchasing.

The buying process is a simple one. The site is easy to navigate – by brands, clothing item, size, colour etc – and I found that I relied on the expertise of the team a lot, their ‘We Love‘ section is one of my favourites.

Vestiaire Ash Footwear

Thinking ahead to Fashion Week, I purchased another pair of ASH wedge sneakers (Yes-My-Name-Is-Sarah-And-I-Am-An-Ash-Addict) from the site, perfect with my leather leggings and boxy sweater.  After a few negotiations about the quality of the item – the final price was actually reduced slightly after Vestiaire confirmed a little more wear on the soles than expected, to me it was hardly noticeable but I was glad of this part of the process! – the sneakers arrived promptly.

If you don’t already know about Vestiaire – be sure to give the site a try.  I bet you will return again and again!



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