Oil & Water: Dion Lee Resort 2014








It was as I was ‘doing the instagram rounds’ that I first noticed Dion Lee.  When I say doing the instagram rounds I mean viewing lots of sunny beach images and fantasizing of being on said sunny beach in Sydney, Hawaii, Bali (take your pick) wearing a killer dress / bikini / swimsuit (delete as appropriate) enjoying the soft sea breeze with cocktail in hand (choose your poison).  Such is the life I’d a) like and b) like to present to you all on instagram.

Dion Lee is an Australian designer whose collections I’d often find in the images I searched for.  A rising star within the fashion industry, his style is described by Vogue as being informed by a fascinating duality – modern verses classic, structured verses fluid, understated verses arresting.  Sold on Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion, Lee creates garments that are technical and body conscious, modern but approachable, with elements of fine tailoring, folding and slicing.  Lee told Matches, “I am attracted to women who have strength of character and the confidence to experiment with dressing,” which is clear for Resort 2014 named ‘Oil & Water‘.  Silk and satin skirts and dresses with abstract wave-life motif and sculptural leather and neoprene jackets form the basis of this stunning collection.

A designer whose approach is maturing, for innovative cocktail dresses and traditional meets experimental style take a deeper look at Dion Lee.

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