Levi’s Made & Crafted at Christmas


I love this time of year with the build up to Christmas.  Life has been hectic of late moving back to the UK again so a few days spent doing very little apart from eating, drinking and being merry suits me just fine.  Despite my love of the dress and all things elegant I make an exception at Christmas.  At Christmas you’ll likely find me in jeans and a shirt or tee – perfect for the role of aunty to my three year old nephew who’ll no doubt be keeping us all occupied over the holidays and even better for festive lounging*.

The more relaxed side of StyleOnTheCouch isn’t featured on the blog so often, I’ve realized.  Part of that stems from my desire to showcase my dress, designer and lingerie favourites, of which there are so many!  Having said that, as I move into the third year of writing this blog I might be a bit more balanced in showing all my different styles and looks on these pages.  One of my favourite designers, the talented Yan To, told me he liked the versatility in my style and how the differences and contradictions in what I wore were interesting… he laughed at how I could be photographed looking delicate and feminine one minute and then the next styling a leather harness from Fleet Ilya.

Photos: William Williams

I used to think, Blog Reader, that I could only be a Fashion Blogger if I was quirky, different, rich (as in afford designer labels all the time. Or never recycle clothes, errrm, as if) or twenty years old.  Three years of blogging later and I arrived at the conclusion it was ok to be me and share the things I liked, and that would (hopefully!) attract readers with similar likes, passions and interests.

WIlliam WIlliams Photographer style on the couch - 2

Today we are quite casual-on-the-couch!  So come on, Blog Reader, especially those of you who have blogs yourself. Give it up. What’s your Christmas Day attire?

Wearing: Checked shirt, Levi’s Made and Crafted.  From Fred Segal.  Denim jeans, sample.

*Wolford tights and Kriss Soonik bodysuit less acceptable for family gatherings, naturally.


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