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Leather Rucksack StyleOnTheCouch Maxwell Scott

Maxwell-Scott-leather-bag-StyleOnTheCouchLeather is one of my all time favourite smells.  According to the blog Fragrancia:

“The rich leather scent evokes memories of the best moments in life, it comforts by its proximity to the body and excites at the same time, being so primitive, so natural, and again so sensual.”

This, one of my first ‘Details’ posts on StyleOnTheCouch is dedicated to my new backpack from leather brand Maxwell Scott.

Maxwell Scott is a family-run business that fuses British design with Italian style and craftsmanship, using only the finest Italian materials. The label was launched with the philosophy of providing the finest quality luxury leather handbags, briefcases, luggage and accessories to suit the demands of modern life.

Each individual creation is exquisitely handcrafted to the highest standard, using only premium full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Each hide is carefully selected and we also insist on sourcing the finest locks, linings and fittings to complement each design.”

Maxwell Scott kindly gifted me this Carli leather rucksack from their collection and so far I’ve been using it as an everyday bag, since it is the perfect size to fit my wallet, a few essential make-up items and my diary.  I sling this over my shoulder or carry it as a handbag with the top strap.


Especially the scent.

Visit Maxwell Scott to see their full range of classic handbags and leather luggage.

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