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Romantic Hair Vidal Sassoon StyleOnTheCouch

Romantic Hair By Vidal Sassoon  - StyleOnTheCouch

I admit to getting a little excited about Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, it can be a nice excuse* for showing care and sharing, whether it is with lovers or friends or even a little self-pampering.  With this in mind, to continue my hair series I asked one of my favourite salons in London for some advice on how to make hair look stylish, sexy and glamorous on Valentine’s Day.  Paul Cynberg, Creative Stylist and general all round amazing guy who currently works his magic on my hair at Sassoon Salon South Molton Street in London, answered some questions I had about ‘romantic hair’.

On Valentine’s Day, when you’re often wearing sexy clothes and high heels, it occurred to me that I need my hair to complement that ‘perfect’ outfit for that all important night.  Romantic hair is all about “effortless movement and healthy shine”, Paul explained.  He continued, “At Sassoon Salon we’ve put together some looks to help you achieve romantic hair that will not be forgotten”.

What if he is taking you somewhere special?

A chignon is an obvious chic style, but “It is the little touches that make it modern and sexy”, Paul told me. He encourages me to play with the shape and leave the hair soft and teased in places for some simple elegance.  He also warns me not to over-think things when creating the look, i.e. the hair does not need to look perfect, yet should have the feeling of delicate femininity.  “Wisps of hair that escape around the hair lines only add to the simplicity and flirtatious feeling of the look. Use a minimal amount of product – it’s more sensual” Paul advised.  Sassoon Professional Motion Hold hair spray is perfect to secure this loose twist in place all evening.

Are you feeling flirty?

“A teased look is the ultimate in sex appeal” Paul explained.  I am, Blog Reader, blessed with some natural volume in my hair that might work to my advantage for this look.  It seems that instead of blow drying your hair straight, flirty hair is about letting the natural texture shine through and for this, blow drying the hair upside down will create maximum texture.  “Textured hair doesn’t mean having messy hair, it’s all about that lived in feel,” said Paul. A leave-in conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Hydro Finish will retain some sleekness and prevent hair from becoming frizzy.  Well hello sexy dishevelment, who wouldn’t say yes?

Are you rushing from the office to your date?

“A centre parting is very youthful and can add a playful feel to a ponytail, whereas a side-parting is more grown up and glamorous” Paul told me.  I feel that low-slung and at-the-nape positioning with a slight fall over the ear will keep your look minimal, with a lovely understated elegance. You can also choose to gather hair into a loose, side ponytail, plait and tease pieces of hair for a dishevelled effect.

Finally, my favourite product that is a saviour for beautiful locks: Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish, which nourishes and de-frizzes my hair.  I love this product for taming fly-away tresses and it’s handbag friendly too.  You can be sure it’s going to be a fashion week essential for me next week in London!  I simply add a small amount to wet hair before I blow dry it the night before. You can also add it to dry hair for a dose of magical shine.

Sassoon are running an offer in the run up to Valentine’s Day –

Sassoon Salon is offering all clients a complimentary luxury treatment when booking a cut and/or colour appointment in any UK Sassoon Salon on Valentine’s Day (rrp £25) PLUS receive a travel size Sassoon Professional mini FREE.  The team of Sassoon experts will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your hair type to achieve healthy, glossy results.

Book in advance or get down to your nearest Sassoon Salon on 14th February 2013 to take advantage of this offer and leave the salon with luscious locks that whisper effortless shine that will get you noticed!

*not that you need one, of course!

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