Fashion Essentials: (1) Accessories


Welcome, Blog Reader, to my March series of ‘Fashion Essentials‘; all those wonderful basic and capsule wardrobe items we wish for to make, create and perfect our favourite outfits.

Essentials-fashion-accessories-styleonthecouchFirst up, Essential Accessories.  Here are my suggestions for the all-star items that will raise your style to new heights of fabulousness.

1) Wide brimmed hat.

A wide-brimmed hat can make you stand out head and shoulders above the rest.  With Hedi Slimane’s elegant, playful and grown-up Saint Laurent femme in mind, such a hat means you certainly have that je ne sais quoi.

Essential-wide-brimmed-hatTop picks:

a) Maison Michel Fedora from Net-a-Porter 310.00 GBP

b) Whistles Fedora 55.00 GBP

2) Clutch bag

Not necessarily meaning one has to downsize, the clutch bag has fast become one of the most important ways to add a finishing touch to your look.

“They speak (loud!) about your personality, and they are a carrier of your secrets…. When selecting a clutch, you don’t have to ‘fit’ them, they have to fit you.” – From an interesting article on the history of the clutch bag on Front Row Society (click HERE)

I prefer to keep things minimal to match my style. I adore this Givenchy number however this must firmly remain in the in the realm of fantasy… Those possessing more ‘average’ budgets, shall we say, might prefer these suggestions grounded in reality:

a) Whistles Shiny Croc Clutch 60.00 GBP

b) ASOS V Bar clutch 18.00 GBP

c) Large Leather Clutch, LusciousLeatherNYC on Etsy 86.39 GBP

3) Watch

When the fashionistas have their ‘arm parties’ one thing is clear. A classic watch; with leather or metal strap and large clock face often takes prime position on the wrist.   Opt for something a little chunky to make a statement.

Essential-Fashion-Accessories-WatchesTop picks:

a) Kate Spade Metro Watch 195.00 USD

b) Burberry The City Chronograph 550.00 USD

c) Marc Jacobs Baker rose-gold watch 209.00 GBP

More suggestions on my Pinterest page

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