Curl Me: How to Create Curls using GHD Styling Toolsfeatured

Curl Me: How to Create Curls using GHD Styling Tools

GHD Hair Styler and Curls on StyleOnTheCouch

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Continuing this year’s ‘hair’ theme on StyleOnTheCouch, Blog Reader, I’m writing to you about how I create curls in my hair.  I’ve had a lot of questions about my hair since beginning the blog – I have naturally curly locks but they need a little help to achieve the smooth and sleek look that I love.  My relationship with my hair hasn’t always been an easy one.  Straight hair is generally more desired – it’s smooth, shiny and you can use a brush without completely ruining your look.  Curls (and the inevitable frizz that goes with it) are the anomaly.

It was only when I moved to NYC I took more of an interest in styling my hair.  Manhattan ladies are addicted to blow dries and I joined them! It was through going to have my hair done professionally and getting tips from some wonderful stylists that I learned how to create the curls I really wanted.  I love the romantic, wavy, bouncy look – I feel very grown up with curls and waves, and when I’m having a good hair day I certainly feel sexy.

Here is my step by step guide to creating curls using my favourite GHD styling products which I find best for this look:

One: Wash, shampoo, condition and dry your hair.

Wash, shampoo and condition your hair using your favourite products for your hair type.  I was gifted the GHD Air hair dryer at Christmas which I’ve come to love for its ergonomic design and fast drying ability.  It locks moisture in my hair that makes my hair look shiny and reduces frizzing. I tend to finger dry my hair by running my fingers through like a comb, then using a paddle brush which is great for de-tangling.  Before the next step I apply a heat protection spray or serum to protect against damage through further styling.

Two: Divide the hair.

I separate my hair into smaller sections to make the curling part easier.

Three: Curls!

Rather than using a curling tong to create curls, I use my GHD Straightening Iron.  Within each section I create strands of hair that are around one to one and a half inches thick.  Holding the iron at a slight angle, I clamp it over the hair beginning near the head, holding the ends of that section with my other hand.  Move the irons down the hair slightly to the place you want the curls to begin.  And now the tricky part – rotate the styler 180 degrees and continue to move it slowly down to the end of the hair.  (It takes a bit of practice to do this fluidly – you can get a ‘kink’ if you don’t continue the motion….)  At the end, release the irons and use your fingers to twirl your hair in the direction of the newly created curl to emphasise the bounce.  Repeat for each section of your hair.

Four: Protect and finish.

I use a little serum on my newly curled hair to give some shine, and spray with hairspray too to hold the look in place.  If you find your curls are too tight, run your fingers through for a more wavy, relaxed look.

So there you have it, Blog Reader. Loose, bouncy, curly hair.  Any questions leave me a note below.   Curl friends, if you do something different, I’d love to hear that, too!

Have a great weekend, Blog Reader!


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