Nike Free: 4.0 Flyknit at JD Sports



Nike-Flyknit-4.0-JDSports-1 copy


Nike-Flyknit-4.0-JDsports-2A new home = lots of exploring to be done, and I’ve now had two very sunny weekends settling in to life in my new city of Cambridge in the UK.  For those of you of don’t know Cambridge, it’s the very pretty Hogwarts-esque home to The University of Cambridge, which boasts a multitude of famous alumni including John Milton, Byron, Rachael Weisz and Thandie Newton.

Based on the River Cam, Cambridge life eschews the car in favour of cycling, walking and punting to get about. Hence the need for some very (very, did I say, ‘very’) comfortable new sneakers to support Mission: New City Exploration – a wish heard by the wonderful team at JD Sports who sent me some Nike Free trainers to test drive.

The most breathable sneakers that I own, the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is supremely lightweight and breathable.  I was a little worried at first about lack of support at the sole, but in fact I haven’t noticed any problems, likely due to the Flywire cables within the design that minimize weight but give maximum support.  Or, as Nike tell me:

We don’t always run, but we do always look good.”

The Nike Free shoes are perfect for urban travelling.  Get your own pair at JD Sports.

Wearing: Whistles Skye Cotton Shirt, Hudson jeans from Jeanography, cross body bag by Wink & Winn. Nike sneakers, JD Sports.

Photos: Bethany Morton Photography.

On the move…

Moving3Just to let you know, Blog Reader, I’ll be taking a few days off from the blog as I’m moving home for a new job.  You can stay in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – later in the week I’ll be starting June’s ‘Lingerie Lust’ off with an exciting new find and writing about my favorite new leather accessory, gifted to me by the amazing designer Tamzin Lillywhite.

Whilst moving house is up there as one of the most stressful changes you can encounter as you go through life, I tend to find moving quite exciting.  I read that the average person moves 11.7 times in their life; that’s a lot of change and surely many many hours wasted on Pinterest finding the perfect style and decor for the new pad :)

Onwards and upwards, Blog Reader. StyleOnTheCouch xo

Moving4Images: Pinterest (where else?!)

LK Bennett Shoes: Born in Britain, Made in Spain


LK Bennett Shoes


LK Bennett Shoes


LK Bennett Shoes


There are those brands who come and go, and there are those brands whom you come to love and rely on again and again for beautiful design and comfort.  LK Bennett, who I adore for their attention to both great fit and glamour, are one of ‘those’ brands for me and my style. Back in 2012 I reviewed their collaboration with Caroline Issa – Fashion Director of Tank Magazine – a series of playful and unique heels inspired by Issa’s travels in and around Thailand.  Themes of neon, embroidery, oriental flowers and the occasional pom pom made for a delightful summer collection, perfect for giving you that spring in your summer step.

This fashion-forward collaboration with Issa was a phenomenal success, and Issa remains involved with the brand today.  Recently Caroline worked with LK Bennett on this video to promote the high quality of craftsmanship that goes into the brand’s designs, a project that took Issa to Spain to witness the creation of LK Bennett’s heels in their main factory in a rather unassuming corner of Alicante, chosen for its artisan approach to design; where skills from the factory workers are passed down from generation to generation.

The video is an interesting demonstration of the process that goes into the creation of one of the brand’s signature designs, their Floret court shoe, which I styled in this blog post. Did you know that there are up to 70 steps that go into the process of creating a basic court shoe? For more detailed styles, as many as 100+ steps are involved.

LK Bennett are proud to combine British heritage with Spanish artisanal expertise.  The Floret court, with her perfect heel height, pointed toe and timeless silhouette, is a firm fashion favourite.  Head over to LK Bennett today to discover more about the making of this iconic shoe.

Wearing: Floret patent leather court heels, LK Bennett.  Dress: Cameo The Label.

Photography: With thanks to James Chastney.