Canary_Islands_Beach_Style4I have an extreme case of Wanderlust this month, so just as well December and January have in store travel and explorations galore. I’ll be back in the US of A for Christmas with family, then taking a trip to Arizona for New Year.  I’m excited about Arizona, as I’m hoping to visit Sedona to see the rock formations I remember from Western movies my grandfather watched when I was young.  Mostly though I’ll be happy to be back stateside, as I really miss America and my friends there.

Wanderlust is a funny thing – that desire to escape as well as to experience the unknown, confront different challenges, other ways of living and being… Not just related to travel, I think there will be an element of ‘wanderlust’ in my New Year’s Resolutions this year.

There is just one day left to enter my Blush Lingerie giveaway, Blog Readers – click HERE for details of how to win $250 of beautiful intimates just in time for Christmas!  Also coming up on the blog: silver shoes; a new favourite bodysuit and the best loungewear for your holidays.  StyleOnTheCouch xo

Sun, Sea & Silk: Marina London



MarinaLondon_styleonthecouch_2There once was a time when I didn’t give a second thought to fabrics if the style worked and fit.  These days checking the quality and fabric type of the styles that I buy is often foremost in my mind: Will it feel good against my skin? How will the fabric stand up to the cleaning process? Is the fabric a quality fabric (am I getting the most out of my money here?)

Designer Marina Guergova of Marina London, who I recently posted about HERE, designs almost exclusively in silks.   Silk is both luxuriously soft and relatively robust – it has a beautiful, delicate appearance and can be warm and cosy in the winter as well as comfortable and cool come summer time.  An all-climate fabric in a wear-anywhere style here, in this versatile vest from the brand.

Being near the sea tends to prompt me to wear nautical colours – I lived in a great deal of blue and white on this holiday, colours that served me well – blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, symbolic of trust, wisdom, depth and stability; white is safety, purity, cleanliness.  We all need a break from our hectic lives now and then; this last vacation was a detox from a busy schedule.  I’m trying to slow down a little in the run up to Christmas – it’s my birthday next week, Blog Reader, so I can’t promise anything before then, but after, I’m going to wear blue silk again and take it easy.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend … StyleOnTheCouch xo

Wearing: Vest from Marina London; Panama Hat, Laird Hat Shop, Cambridge. Pants: Bought in the Canary Islands. Sandals: Zara.


Fly Away: The Canary Islands (Gran Canaria Travel Guide)




TheCanaryIslandsWhilst it seems a distant memory, here are some snapshots from my September trip to The Canary Islands, along with a few brief tips on making the most of this island getaway. Since most of my holiday was based in and around my hotel – such was the lazy two weeks I had hoped for – there is little by way of activity and nightlife recommendations here. The Canary Islands was a perfect lazy getaway for me and Captain America to briefly escape our busy lives, so if you’re looking for a lot of sun, relaxation, and plenty of choices for eating, drinking (as well as activities), it’s a fabulous location a short hop from the UK, with a wonderful climate.

Gran Canaria Top Tips:

Lounging: Maspalomas Beach: a beautiful stretch of sand on the south tip of Gran Canaria, you can spend the day here lounging near the sea, with plenty of drinks stalls along the beach to quench your thirst in the heat.  The beach is framed by rolling sand dunes, giving it a desert feel.  Word of warning – watch out for the strategically placed nudist sections alternating alongside where the ‘regular’ people sit.  Be sure to take in the weather forecast, the tip of the island can get windy, and no-one likes sand in their margaritas.

Get nautical: plenty of organizations offer boating trips and tours, including dolphin spotting.  Braver souls may wish to embark upon the MTV Boat Party (you did not hear this from me I never went honest guv’nor).

Fill up: If you are a sushi fan head to Sakura III situated in Playa des Ingles. Beautifully presented sushi and so much choice on the menu I didn’t know where to begin.  Their sake had a wonderfully crisp taste.  For paella, try El Senador, situated on Maspalomas beach.  Fish lovers might also like to try their house special: sea bass cooked in salt.

Wake up: Along the south of the island, sunrise was around 7-8am and the light was beautiful for photos on the beach.  I miss that kind of light here in England!  Get up early and make the most of it, no matter how lazy your vacation may be.

When is summer again, exactly?

Wearing: (Main images) Dress, ASOS.