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I’ve never claimed to be an accessories connoisseur.  But that was until I was introduced to, a wonderfully easy to navigate, sleek, clean, and modern online boutique for luxury handbags and accessories (everything from hats to wash bags).  With several of my favourite brands to choose from, including Milly by Michelle, Cambridge Satchel Company and Calvin Klein, Mybag have a solid grasp of how to balance contemporary styling with discounted outlet pieces to offer something for everyone.

I searched for my new baby, this Calvin Klein bag, by style – looking for a holdall to suit a variety of occasions.  The Izzy white duffle was a great solution for day-to-night, casual to formal.   It has even served as a gym bag on occasion!  Crafted from soft pebbled leather with silver hardware, the duffle is a good size with nifty storage: two front and two back outer side pockets and the inner lining houses zip and slip pockets for efficient storage (read: necessary life compartmentalization).  Being white leather it needs some tender loving care. If you prefer black, plenty of other options exist.

You can explore trends and vintage accessories on mybag too. My top vintage find was this Chanel leather vanity case pre-owned but highly likely much-loved.

You can visit HERE.  To see the full luxury handbag collection click HERE.  You might want to hide your credit card first…

Wearing: Camille & Marc dress. Bag: Calvin Klein.

Details: Stephen Einhorn Jewellery

Stephen Einhorn Jewellery Style On The Couch

When it comes to jewellery, I have always been most interested in something that is more than pure fashion – I’m interested in something elegant yet simple and something from a heritage brand, emblematic of fine craftsmanship.

Stephen Einhorn is a fabulous designer of men and women’s jewellery, based in Islington, North London.  Einhorn was somewhat of a trailblazer for men’s accessories – Paul Smith commissioned Stephen’s very first men’s jewellery collection.

Stephen Einhorn Make A Statement

Stephen Einhorn Accessories Workshop

Einhorn’s London base is more than a design studio, it is also a workshop and retail unit, where the team use new techniques and technologies in their creations,  continually pushing the boundaries and experimenting with different materials.  The result? A design signature of elegant simplicity:

“I am interested in designs that are totally wearable, including my more avant-garde bespoke pieces. I have worked to create a style that is instantly recognisable and that appeals to someone who appreciates design, style and quality.

Stephen Einhorn jewellery viper 6 bangle

Stephen Einhorn viper 6 silver bangle

As a born and bred London designer who runs my own fine jewellery label and workshop, I am proud to be part of London’s vibrant creative scene and feel passionate about keeping British jewellery design and production alive and flourishing. Part of the reason for starting my own company was a really strong desire to develop, and at the same time promote, British craftsmanship which is slowly disappearing from this country. Britain used to have a strong tradition and reputation of manufacturing and design all around the world. It’s a tragedy that this is not being nurtured. In my own small way I want to bring it back. I want to use these skills and I want to pass them on to others to use. I’m lucky because my customers seem to feel as strongly about this as I do and have been loyally supporting me for 16 years. I want to build on the solid base I have already got, and feel excited about my company’s future.”  - Stephen Einhorn

Three Floor Fashion Stepeh Einhorn Bracelet

Recently, Einhorn produced a ‘Making of…‘ video, going behind the scenes at their London base to demonstrate the craftsmanship and exquisite design detail that goes into the production of a ring, showing the entire process from concept to creation.  The idea behind the film was to show the care and attention that goes into making each and every piece of Einhorn’s jewellery.  Such pieces are original and exclusive, created with high quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design with the British sensibility I cannot help but adore.

From the women’s jewellery collection, here I am wearing the Viper 6 silver bangle, engraved with my initial ‘S’ on the interior. It is a beautiful and contemporary piece, flat on the outside and curved on the inside.  It is a slim and close-fitting cuff, understated yet stylish – perfect for me.


I urge you, Blog Reader, to visit the Stephen Einhorn website to explore for yourself the beauty of their collections.  To purchase one of these pieces is to buy into a great tradition of British craftsmanship as well as receiving something fabulous and exquisitely designed.

Leather Rucksack: Maxwell Scott

Leather Rucksack StyleOnTheCouch Maxwell Scott

Maxwell-Scott-leather-bag-StyleOnTheCouchLeather is one of my all time favourite smells.  According to the blog Fragrancia:

“The rich leather scent evokes memories of the best moments in life, it comforts by its proximity to the body and excites at the same time, being so primitive, so natural, and again so sensual.”

This, one of my first ‘Details’ posts on StyleOnTheCouch is dedicated to my new backpack from leather brand Maxwell Scott.

Maxwell Scott is a family-run business that fuses British design with Italian style and craftsmanship, using only the finest Italian materials. The label was launched with the philosophy of providing the finest quality luxury leather handbags, briefcases, luggage and accessories to suit the demands of modern life.

Each individual creation is exquisitely handcrafted to the highest standard, using only premium full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Each hide is carefully selected and we also insist on sourcing the finest locks, linings and fittings to complement each design.”

Maxwell Scott kindly gifted me this Carli leather rucksack from their collection and so far I’ve been using it as an everyday bag, since it is the perfect size to fit my wallet, a few essential make-up items and my diary.  I sling this over my shoulder or carry it as a handbag with the top strap.


Especially the scent.

Visit Maxwell Scott to see their full range of classic handbags and leather luggage.