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Lingerie Lust: Christie Nicole



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Christie Nicole 2Continuing last week’s theme of beautiful undergarments you just won’t want to cover up, designer Christie Trowbridge of Christie Nicole has produced a range of simple yet stunning monochrome lingerie designs in lace, leather and suede fabrics.  With names like ‘A Blissful Fantasy’, ‘Black Rose’ and ‘A World of Her Own’, Christie Nicole’s collections create a world of secret luxury, quiet confidence and modern femininity.

The brand began with a focus on the bralette,  a lingerie wardrobe staple:

“I think every woman should have a bralette because they are not like your normal bra you never see underneath clothing. I see them as a staple piece because you are able to show off a bralette, if you have a sheer top on or a loose baggy singlet or even wear the thicker bralettes as a top with a pair of high waisted jeans.” – Christie Trowbridge

Whilst the bralette is still a signature design within the collections, recent developments include this wonderful Xana soft leather jacket to wear with your bralettes – high on my wish list.

For her AW14 collection, Trowbridge was inspired by a quote from Alice in Wonderland – “In a world of my own”.

“It’s about all the feelings and emotions that one could be hiding. The inspiration being one’s self. With the look book expressing the way someone can let loose, being free, off in a world of their own. A big inspiration is also Fete Champetre, I love their images.” – Interview with OysterMag

I love the aesthetics within these collections.  Click HERE to browse and purchase Christie Nicole lingerie. To see more inspirations, visit the brand’s Tumblr and Facebook Page.


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