Sun, Swimming & Sequins

Sequin jacket fashion

Sequin jacket styleonthecouch

Sequins and sea

Sequin jacket fashion

Last month I spent five nights in Mexico, staying at the Hard Rock resort along Riviera Maya – home to the archeological site of Tulum, a Mayan walled city that now lies in ruins. The warmth brought out my playful, colourful side – this sequin jacket by Loyd Ford was a perfect piece of packing for my Christmas and New Year travels, and my bikini here is by Triangl Swimwear. The bikini is made out of sporty neoprene and I have two, the Chloe and the Penny Wanderlust ‘Ollie’ –  I pack them for every beach holiday now.

Looking back to my Mexico trip I’m reminded of my 2014 resolution to travel to somewhere new or different once a month. Let’s see how I do, Blog Reader. Happy New Year!

Wearing: Triangl Swim Indiana Ice ‘Chloe’ Bikini; Loyd Ford Jacket. Photos by William Williams.

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