Black, White & Denim: Nike, Hollister & Helmut Lang

Nike tee leather jacket Helmut Lant denim shorts

Denim shorts Nike tee

Nike tee and denim shorts styleonthecouchThe weather in England is pretty amazing right now, Blog Reader.  Fully expecting to be back in my wellies and winter coat when I returned from Georgia, here I am instead in my denim shorts this weekend!

The first weeks after a wedding are kinda weird. You are still filled with the glow of happiness but the return to reality sets in – I’ve had a really busy first week back at work and the jet lag hasn’t helped!  This weekend I finally felt I could press the reset button. I stocked up on nice food (with some recommendations from my fitness and nutrition guru Charli Cohen, more on her on the blog next month) and my usual favourite treats (champagne and macarons, what else?!) and hit the gym hard. I clearly don’t want summer to end, so thank you English weather for playing along.

Lots of new stuff coming on the blog over the next few weeks, Blog Reader! I have some accessories and style posts, including the second dress I wore at my wedding, from DKNY.  New designer features too.  You may have noticed Friday Lingerie Lust returned this week and will be continuing with new collections from innovative lingerie and boudoir accessories brands. I’m also beginning a new fitness thread on StyleOnTheCouch as my gym wear is becoming as important as my day-to-day style lately.  For me the right workout gear gets me moving every time. Try it – I have some great fitness recommendations for you coming up in October.

Wearing: Nike tee, Dick’s Sporting Goods (somewhat of a mecca for me in the States for work out gear!); denim shorts, Hollister (I am too old to shop in this place but I have to say these shorts fit me perfectly); holding Helmut Lang leather jacket.



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    I have so missed being able to leave comments for you, Sarah – although I am really just talking to myself, it feels like we get to have a bit of a dialogue this way :) Congratulations on your wedding, I’m so happy for you both. And I do sympathise with the strange feeling of the weeks after… I remember very well after the eighteen months of preparation for my own (much too large) wedding, the strange feeling of coming home at the day’s end and being unsure what to do with myself since I didn’t have any planners to coordinate with! It all passes quickly enough, of course – and the champagne and macarons certainly won’t hurt ;) Neither will getting out in the beautiful fall weather, which I must say I am very envious of. We are already under the pouring rain here in Vancouver and I am dreaming of returning to Europe for good as soon as I possibly can.

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    Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!! Boston was perfect this week and we just soaked it all in. I agree with you on gym wardrobe being a motivation! I use to buy myself a new outfit every time I hit a goal. Finding maternity gear has been tough, any recommendations?

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