Double Denim – Gap & Urban Outfitters

Gap shirt Urban Outfitters BDG denim styleonthecouch lydia hudgens 8

Gap shirt Urban Outfitters BDG denim styleonthecouch lydia hudgens 4

Gap shirt Urban Outfitters BDG denim styleonthecouch lydia hudgens

Gap shirt Urban Outfitters BDG denim styleonthecouch lydia hudgens 7I often find myself missing NYC.  Perhaps because the weather has been so cold in England lately, perhaps because I’m not doing as much traveling as I was doing in the time I was there… but mostly I think it’s the people, the ‘can-do,’ ‘anything-is-possible’ attitude that I miss.  There are a few outfits I wore in fall in NYC that I’m back wearing again in springtime in the UK.  This double-denim set is something of a legend to me. It was my ‘failsafe’ weekend outfit for walks in Central Park (I may have ditched the high heels for my Converse by the time I got off the 6 train on the Upper East Side) and lazy brunches at Mud Coffee House.  I used to love tying the shirt across my stomach like Daisy Duke and how the jeans made me feel all Charlie’s Angels.  My boyfriend and I argue the toss about these jeans ALL the time – they are one of my favourite styles but he does not get high-waists at all.  Anyone else experience that the man doesn’t appreciate the high-waist styles? There must be some interesting psychology here.  Please share below!

Although not technically a double-denim outfit, since the top is a Gap chambray shirt it’s still all kinds of the blue that I love.  My heels are from Nine West, the jeans BDG / Urban Outfitters. I just need a rodeo now.  Just as well I am busy planning a return trip to the US in June hey, Blog Reader?

Photos: Lydia Hudgens Photography.


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    How interesting that your man doesn’t like high-waisted pants! I think there are certain styles that men simply don’t understand, because they are neither sexy nor functional – the vest, for example. But high-waisted jeans have so much retro appeal… I mean, you really do look like a toned down but still fabulous version of Daisy Duke in this ensemble! Men are mysterious creatures at times ;)

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    I adore high waisted jeans! They are so good for your (& my) body shape – highlights the narrowest part of your waist and lifts your bum – what’s not to like?! Perhaps some men dislike for the fact it means extra coverage… Ha! Love the bright blue heels to finish off the outfit :) x

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    I miss NYC a lot too. Not so much the city in itself but the life I had there: my friends (you among them of course!), the optimism of the people, the bustling atmosphere, a high-paid job, shopping in Soho, evenings at the Crosby Street Hotel, concerts at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center… Will you be stopping by NYC in June or going South only?

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    I have never ventured into the realms of double denim myself; maybe one day? I totally see where your boyfriend is coming from regarding the high waisted jeans, I do not have anything against them but I prefer other styles. I think most men think the same yet women seem to adore them. All very odd! You’re looking very well and I love those heels on you and your tongue in cheek nod to Charlie’s Angels and Dukes of Hazzard – granted you up style it and give it all more a sophisticated grace.

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