Little Black Dress: Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Dress Black Dress StyleOnTheCouch modern sweetheart neckline corset dress

Nasty Gal Dress StyleOnTheCouch Mango Fetish Sandal Strapless dress modern sweetheart neckline

Nasty Gal Little Black Dress StyleontheCouch

Nasty Gal Dress Strapless Dress StyleOnTheCouch Corset dress

I had to take a little hiatus from StyleOnTheCouch last week, Blog Reader, as both moving and starting a new job required my full attention…. When I return after a break I tend to choose things to write about that I love and I’m familiar with, hence another in my series of ‘Little Black Dress’ posts.

Nasty Gal aren’t a brand I look at often.  They have such a colourful, cheery and youthful West-Coast style I can admire but that doesn’t work for me.  I’m waaayy too Vampiric-ly pale for that (darn it).  This little black number from the Nasty Gal Fall 2012 collection however, I make an exception for.  The neckline did it for me, the ‘peaked’ front style and the bodice detailing on the back of the dress won me over. I wore it to countless parties and drinks events over the Christmas and New Year holidays – it looks great with my Helmut Lang leather jacket and my new metallic clutch from Kzeniya.

Current Nasty Gal favourites:

Jet Romper

Kick Push Dress

Harness Bodysuit

I should also start a campaign to get them to restock this stunning little black number (as seen here on The Londoner) that I had on my wish list for ages…

Wearing: Dress from Nasty Gal. Heels, Mango ’Fetish’ sandal.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens. (Images were taken by Lydia back in November before I moved home from NYC. So many goosebumps ee! Miss you Lydia!)



  1. says

    Lydia really did he a way of bringing out your natural beauty and letting it shine – these photographs are just gorgeous. And I love the cut of this dress; I rarely look at Nasty Gal myself, for similar reasons… although I love the vibe of their collections, it simply isn’t a vibe that works on dark haired, fair skinned girls… but this dress was certainly worth making an exception for; the cut of the corset is almost vampire-esque, in a wonderfully sophisticated way, and the back detail is exquisite.

  2. says

    love this dress!! I was just looking at some of their new tops… Not a brand I look at often either but definitely have a pieces I am now in love with! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. says

    Its the length that makes this one an absolute favourite with me -all class! This dress says to me “I’m just going to pretend I’m blending into the crowd but who am I really kidding?” :)

  4. says

    Such a gorgeous dress (and model too). I was a bit hesitant about Nasty Gal since I really didn’t know what this place was all about until my friend Lani of Real Life Style wrote about it and now I am hooked.

  5. says

    Oh my! I looooove this dress, the details are just so perfect. I love it on you ( please please can I borrow your figure for one day….and the dress ; ) )
    Also like the backdrop on the photography too, that stark black and white wall is the perfect backdrop to the dress ( and your ) gorgeousness.

    Also hope the new job started well?
    And we have snow for u, in March! Welcome home ; D
    H xxx

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