Post London Fashion Week: Sporty Lounging

Skinny Jeans Nike Tee StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Nike Tee Skinny Jeans Cup of Tea StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Nike Sweater Skinny Denim StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

StyleOnTheCouch in Nike Sweater Skinny Jeans by William Williams Photography

Skinny Denim Nike Tee StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

Nike Tee and Denin Jeans StyleOnTheCouch William Williams Photography

I left LFW yesterday, Blog Reader, having attended the Holly Fulton show at ME London and catching up with the lovely Notting Hill Girl and South Molton Street Style.  It was so interesting being at London Fashion Week rather than New York this season – London has multiple show venues which seems to bring a unique and exciting energy to the proceedings, yet as a result it doesn’t quite feel as polished at the events at the Lincoln Center.  There certainly feels like more individuality on the streets however; a greater display of colour and mixing of trends in attendees in contrast to the uniform sleekness of Manhattan (which, I must say, I love the place for!)

After a few days running around London in heels, seeing both new and established designer collections emerge, meeting some of my favourite blogger friends and arranging other catch-ups then stolen over coffee, I find myself with a few days to relax.  In between fashion week and moving home for a new job I’m all about lounging.  I’ve even hung up my harnesses for a while, Blog Reader :)

This is where sporty sweaters and skinny jeans come in, and a cup of Earl Grey at that.  Here are more of my blogger off duty favourites:

Reiss Lupo Apricot Neon Trim Jumper, 89 GBP

Ash Wedge Trainers, 185 GBP

Lounge Lover Asymmetric Trouser, 119 GBP

Anything by Zoe Karssen….

Paige Denim boyfriend jeans and

Mango basic tees, from 14.99 GBP

With thanks to William Williams for the photos.  ’Normal’ fashion blogger service will resume on Thursday!



    • sarah says

      Hi Michelle! Yes I did. I was nice to get involved in London instead this year – and I do love the energy of the place. Did you watch any of the shows? Any favourites?

    • sarah says

      Rosa I was so uncertain about these boyfriend-style jeans at first. But now I have this Paige pair they are already a favourite. Which pair(s) do you own?

  1. says

    I can imagine that after a few days in the {very fun} chaos of LFW, you’d want nothing more than a sweatshirt, a good pair of jeans and a very large pot of tea :) I’ve been loving the more off-duty looks you’ve been sharing lately, I think perhaps we’re both at a time in our lives when they’re often more appropriate than the dressy looks that most people would associate with both of our styles – it’s nice to see someone else I know, and whose style I admire, gravitating more towards tees and skinnies at the same time I am, as it makes me feel less like I’m having a style crisis ;) I still love that apricot Reiss sweater but I promised myself I’d out until the weekend before buying… seeing you link to it has my resolve wavering, though!

    • sarah says

      Cee I am happy to hear this. Whilst I don’t feel that my style has altered much since NYC, I have to adapt to the new climate, the lack of yellow cabs and my new daily life…. I’ve found a real split between this desire to wear my favourite dresses and a yearning to be comfortable at home. I think I’ve found it :) I adore reading your comments Cee, thank you so much! As for the sweater well I am this close to buying it myself so keep me posted. I liked the styling potential for both jeans and skirts with the soft colour, I think it’s really versatile!

  2. says

    Keep up the good work. I will keep watching you :) I must say you have a pretty awesome blog here. i always had a passion for this,but never had any spare time to do what you do I get bored easy so this helps me keep my mind occupied Thanks for enlightening me.

    • sarah says

      Milla thank you. I’m so sorry that we didn’t get the change to meet up again when I was in London. I’d love to sort that again soon, I will email you x

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