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Masks and Headpieces

Killer black dress simple fashion styleonthecouch

Masks and Headwear Current style inspiration styleonthecouch

Obsession: An obsession is the inability of a person to stop thinking about a particular topic or feeling a certain emotion without a high amount of anxiety. When obsessed, an individual continues the obsession in order to avoid the consequent anxiety.  (Source: Psychology Glossary).

Two different themes have permeated my pinterest this week.  The two styles and objects that I have been obsessing over / coveting / seeking out / trying to recreate are: fantastic head wear and simple, monochromatic drama.

I have found some amazing head pieces recently.  Eugenia Kim who I stumbled upon at Liberty London has collaborated with many fashion designers (DvF, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren) and her hats are lovable, quirky and wonderfully chic.  Fleet Ilya‘s leather visors are the epitome of cool and Tamzin Lillywhite‘s series of handmade masks and crowns are fun, sexy and unique.  You’ll see styles from these last two designers on the blog very soon.

When I say ‘simple drama’ I mean beautifully clean and streamlined silhouettes that pack a dramatic punch despite their obvious simplicity. The classic but killer little black dress; the plunge neckline unadorned by accessories – the unassuming but style savvy dresser has many of these pieces in his or her wardrobe.

We shall see how my current inspirations translate into my personal style over the next few months, Blog Reader!  (All pictures shown here can be found on my pinterest boards.)



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    The monochromatic look is really gaining popularity again which is something I’d love to see more of, since I’m starting pupillage in a law firm next week! Legal office wear is going to be sooo boring…

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