Wolford & Kriss Soonik: Chic Lounging

Wolford Fashion Wolford Tights Kriss Soonik Bodysuit Kriss Soonik Lingerie StyleonthecouchTo mark the three year anniversary of StyleOnTheCouch there is a new look for the blog.  I’ve been so happy to see my little labour of love grow over the past years and I’m thankful for each and every visit, like and exchange of comments. Thank you, Blog Reader!

In this post I wanted to focus on two of my favourite items of clothing in another of my innerwear outerwear features.  The bodysuit is a style I adore for its simplicity and versatility – it can be super chic in black, stunning in white and incredibly eye-catching with sparkle, print and colour.  I often hound pinterest for bodysuit inspiration and some of my favourite pins are below.  I’m wearing my new long-sleeved, high cut bodysuit by Kriss Soonik in this post:

Wolford Fashion Wolford Tights Kriss Soonik Loungewear Kriss Soonik bodysuit Sarah StyleonthecouchKriss is well-known for her ‘loungerie’ pieces – not cute or sweet, rather sexy and powerful.  Modern with a hint of nostalgia, I adore the philosophy behind her collection.

Bodysuits can be worn under jeans; they look great with a pencil or a flared skirt or on their own.  This version here is pretty high cut on the leg but I find that style very comfortable to wear and it gives a seamless shape underneath a more fitted skirt or trouser.  Having said that, there is a reason I am ‘perched’ on the leather chair in this post!

My bodysuit icons are Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Julie Newmar (Catwoman in the original Batman TV series) and of course Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Bodysuits Fashion body D&G body lingerie bodysuit sexy bodysuit styleonthecouch

Wolford is a brand that provide all the essentials for your wardrobe.  A premium hosiery label, I think their legwear is worth every penny – these Marilyn stay-up stockings are indeed the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.   Wolford now focus on five product areas: legwear, ready-to-wear, lingerie, swimwear and accessories, but it is in hosiery I think they excel. I breathe a sharp intake of breath when I put these hold-ups on lest I accidentally put a finger or toe through them, but so far so good!  I love these underneath a little black dress with some fit and flare – it transforms the look of the outfit completely.

Kriss Soonik Bodysuit Wolford Tights Wolford Fashion StyleonthecouchSome of Wolford’s other legwear styles below:

Wolford tights wolford fashion fashion tights tights high fashion tights styleonthecouch

If these tights don’t give your legs the wow factor, then I don’t know what will.

Kriss Soonik Loungewear Kriss Soonik Bodysuit Styleonthecouch wolford fashionHere’s to blog year number four!

Wearing: Bodysuit from Kriss Soonik.  Tights, Wolford.
Many thanks to The Harley Biscuit Agency for the new artwork and to the amazingly talented William Williams for the photography.
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    • sarah says

      Michelle thank you! I know you’ve been a reader since we found each other on Twitter, I’m very grateful for you stopping by. Hope life is good down under!

    • sarah says

      Hi Cam – I enjoy our blog and twitter chats, thank you for the lovely comment and I’ll stop by your site very soon. Hope all is well x

  1. says

    Oh my those are quite the stockings!! You always make me want to step up my lingerie game… I’m still a tomboy in that department.

    Congrats on the blogiversary!! Love the new makeover (except that the comments are now at the top of the post… but that’s just me)


    • sarah says

      Kim how have you been reading my blog for so long and not have a fully stocked lingerie drawer by now? If I was still in NYC we would be having words! Thanks for your comment – why don’t you like the comments at the top of the post? x

  2. says

    Happy Blog Birthday and happy redesign! I’ve only recently fund your blog, but I’ve loved flicking back and seeing your style evolve. I adore your lingerie lust posts, and can’t wait for more in the future! You embody such elegance.

    • sarah says

      Thank you so much Sarah. Hope to see you here again soon. I’m also on Twitter (@styleonthecouch) having endess fashion and lingerie conversations. Find me if you are on there too.

  3. says

    Love love the redesign! Cheers to another successful year of blogging and my you continue to give inspiration to other bloggers like me. Enjoy the holidays!!


  4. says

    You look seriously amazing. I need more hosiery in my closet. Plus I love the body suit inspiration. I’ve never really considered buying one before but you’ve changed my mind. I love when my design job helps me discover great blogs. I’ll be back :)

    • sarah says

      Faye thank you so much for your help with the site re-design. I love bodysuits because they are so versatile and can be simple and chic. Let me know if you need help locating the perfect one! x

  5. says

    I’ve recently become intrigued by the possibility of bodysuits are daytime wear… Having spent most of my childhood doing gymnastics, and then at a dance studio after, bodysuits to me were always about function, not fashion. I’m beginning to see, however, that this is not the case in the adult world and I may just have to add a boydsuit to my wardrobe soon! The one you’re wearing from Kriss Soonik looks absolutely perfect. And I love the look of your blog redesign, as well :)

    • sarah says

      Hi Cee – I did a lot of ballet grown up so I understand what you mean about function not fashion. Having said that I do want to dance around every time I wear one. Watch out, you might be cartwheeling down The Marais if you buy one :-)

  6. says

    Ohlala, trrrrrrrrès sexy!
    Congratulations on your 3rd blogging anniversary, on everything you’ve done so far and all the adventures to come. I’m proud of you, my blogger friend :)

  7. says

    Wow, don’t you look amazing! I really need to invest in some of these stockings. My lingerie collection is quite lacking. I know my husband would be quite appreciative!! Congratulations on your three year anniversary! Love the new look for your blog. It’s fab and fits you quite well!

    • sarah says

      Hi Renita – thank you for your comment! I do like Wolford because they are very sophisticated tights and stockings that really add to an outfit. These + simple black dress and court shoes for a night out is perfect; understated yet chic. Hope to see you here again soon x

    • sarah says

      Hi Tamar! Thank you for your comment – look forward to meeting in person next year and talking all things lingerie related with you! You have some great finds on your blog x

  8. says

    Wow 3 years!! Congrats Sarah and here’s to another 4th year :D What beautiful photographs and gotta love the bodysuit + flirty stockings! Am liking the new blog layout – a new year means a new look ;)

  9. fitfullfigure says

    Ok, I have a couple of comments. First, I have long loved your blog because of your creative use of fashion with sensual flare. Don’t loose the greatness of what you have accomplished. Sexy is on every other fashion page, but your creative use, pairing every day fashion and sensual are not. This blog could have been just as revealing ;) if you paired the bodysuit with jeans and a harness or suspenders, which can also be casual fun for a weekend date.

    But to add to the bodysuit discussion, I would like to say that I have worn bodysuits for almost 20 years, they flatter almost every body type and pair well everything. But there are not a lot of long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve turtleneck bodysuits to find. Wolford makes a great one, but I would love some with texture, or a velour or velvet (if they can do leggings, they can do a bodysuit!) and not the ones from a sports company! Any thoughts, or direction that I’m missing? Love the Kriss Soonik you’re wearing, but unavailable to buy…?

    • sarah says

      Hi Fitfullfigure, thank you for your comment – I’m pleased you have been enjoying the blog and I do like to mix sensual with everyday fashion in a way that is appropriate and fun. I take your point about the bodysuit being just as sensual and revealing styled another way, like with jeans etc. I actually have some photos of this on my instagram page because it’s my favourite way of wearing it – simple and chic. This was actually a difficult post to style because I wanted to show off the Wolford tights in their entirety and I do love this look with the bodysuit. Paired with a cardigan this is typical lounging for me :) Having said that I knew it would be quite revealing which is why I used the chair in the photos – more daring though for sure! Let me have a chat with Kriss about this bodysuit. I agree they flatter so well. I’ll do some searching for long sleeved versions elsewhere, if you email me (styleonthecouch@gmail.com) I can send some recommendations direct. Thank you for your feedback x

  10. says

    Wow you look great! …and I love Kriss Soonik lingerie it’s so seductive.. I worked with her for some advertising and promotional events.
    If you want you can find in my blog. janelistyle.com ;-)

    bye Janeli


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