Go Long: Evening Dresses With Sleeves

As a lover of the dress, when it comes to winter I’m not always up for exposing my legs but often holiday parties demand it – I want to feel elegant and feminine on a night out.  I therefore return to my small collection of dresses with long sleeves to beat the cold but still give me that little bit of glamour and sophistication.  This ruched dress is from Reiss, one of my favourites to wear at this time of year.  The ruched fabric contrasts with the smooth side panels to give the illusion of curves and the low back is a detail I adore – it balances out the simple and covered up front, is a little sexy yet mysterious and subtle.

Some of my long sleeved dress choices for the holiday season, below.  Left to right Long sleeved sheer ponte dress from Oasis; Reiss Roseanne black lace layered dress; Sabiaa sparkle dress from Ted Baker and Whistles Victoria lace dress.

I think the key to footwear when it comes to an outfit such as this one is to balance the understatement and block colour of the dress with a high and strappy heel.  In fact most of the long sleeved dresses I found online were styled in this way – you don’t want something too chunky; you need to go delicate.  These sandals are from Nine West.

The only thing I wished I had done in this post was to wear my hair up.  A messy bun or ponytail would have looked perfect!  I think, Blog Reader, whilst 2012 was the year of accessorizing, 2013 will be the year of the hair for me. Watch this space!

Photos: Lydia Hudgens.



  1. says

    Such a beautiful dress, Sarah. You look so elegant, and ready for any holiday party occasion.

    Are you planning on doing something new with your hair for the new year? I’m very curious now!



  2. says

    You can never go wrong with Reiss – and you never do :) This lovely ruched LBD is perfectly for a holiday party but could so easily be worn casually with a few adjustments. As for 2013 being the year of hair, I’m excited to see what you have planned… you always have the most loving hair in blog-land as far as I’m concerned!

  3. Greg says

    >>The only thing I wished I had done in this post was to wear my hair up.

    I think having your hair down lends an air of approachability that would be lacking if you had worn it up. It’d look a bit too formal.

    But, hair up or down, it is a very lovely dress indeed.

  4. Lynsey B says

    Can you tell me if you got the ruched reiss dress this year – it’s a wardrobe staple that I would love? Thanks.

    • sarah says

      Hi Lynsey – thank you for your comment – the dress was last season, I’ll do a quick search for it on Ebay see if I can find it and will drop you an email if I do. Do you want me to have a look for some similar styles too? Thank you for stopping by! x


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