Watch Me: Fashionably Sporty with Ritmo Mundofeatured

Watch Me: Fashionably Sporty with Ritmo Mundo

I used to be a watch person. Then mobile phones took over.  Then came the iPhone and all hope was lost of getting anything on my wrist for a while.

Back in July of this year WWD wrote an article on fashion watches seeing a re-invention:  “Particularly as consumers use their cell phones to tell time, watches have become even more of a fashion statement”.  I’m inclined to agree and I have been wanting a new timepiece for a while, wondering what kind of style to invest in.

Last month I was given the opportunity to test drive a few new watches from Ritmo Mundo – both the Ritmo Mundo label and their IZOD collection.   There is a functionality to this IZOD watch (above) that I like.  Sporty but chic; something that works both in the gym and as well as the bar when I’m wearing my leather jacket and black cigarette pants.   It’s playing off a classic design but with a modern oversized look.  And despite the more ‘chunky’ shape it didn’t at all feel cumbersome on my wrist – this is the 48mm case in black and stainless steel and probably as large as I would go, diameter wise.

There is a lot of variety in the IZOD collection but as you can see above, I was drawn to the black / silver colours.  What else did I like? The luminescence – each hour glows in low light conditions.

Another of my favourites and perhaps a little more fun is the Ritmo Mundo sliding puzzle watch, image above.  The puzzle pattern hides the watch face – you can play with the puzzle but this is not The Crystal Maze, Blog Reader – you can slide it out of the way when you want to tell the time (this, thankfully is not dependent on solving the puzzle).  It is a lot more expensive than the IZOD that retails at between $80-200 – but is made with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protecting the watch face and has additional features such as the engraved buckle and water resistance.

I’d be interested to know your attitudes to watches, Blog Reader.  Do you invest in a classic timepiece? Do you wear one that has been passed down through the generations? Do you have a need for one at all? If you do – where does fashion come in?

Wearing: My new baby: IZOD IZS1/1 Black 48mm case in stainless steel.

You can purchase Ritmo Mundo from Amazon and Macy’s.  Take a look at the Ritmo Mundo website for the full collection.
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