Paris Fashion Week Series: 1. Saint Laurent Paris SS13

Hedi Slimane’s much-anticipated first collection for Saint Laurent Paris (formerly Yves Saint Laurent) was a mix of country and western meets urban chic, with a hint of the 70s thrown in.  Staying true to ‘le smoking’ style and paying tribute to YSL, a series of trouser suits – modernized by pussy bows producing a flash of femininity – were followed by dramatic flowing gowns in black and jewel tones and wide brimmed hats.

The dark and perhaps witchy feel to the collection has been criticized by some but I really liked it because it matches my own style aesthetic.  I will never argue with a dramatic gown, a flowing cape or any amount of leather and chiffon.

It was perhaps that the styles were relatively minimalist (despite the cowboy tassels and the glam rock colours) that I was able to like them so much. Above and below, my two favorite dresses from the collection.

Another great feature of SS13 was immaculately tailored slim trousers, perfected beautifully here by Slimane.  I would really like some pants similar to that in the second picture down – any high street versions you can recommend, Blog Reader, leave me a comment below.

Black on black, deeply sexy and dramatic, romantic and a little mysterious.  A great first collection from Slimane.

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    I must say, I was so, so impressed by Hedi Slimane’s first collection. What very figuratively large pair of shoes to fill… and what a success! Of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s all black on black (since you know I have a natural bias toward that colour scheme) but even in colour, I think most of these designs would win my heart – particularly the first, well, okay, actually all of the ones you’ve featured! Suffice it to say I approve ;)

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    I loved this collection too! Did you hear about all of the drama between Slimane and Cathy Horyn? Intense. My favorite detail from the pictures you posted are the bicep-high leather gloves… how stunning. Need.

    Hope all is well in the UK! Sending xoxox’s.



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