Metallic Mini Dress: Dress The Population

I’m sorry, what was that, Blog Reader? Too soon to be thinking about Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties? Oh I don’t think so. At least, not where this sparkling number from Dress The Population is concerned.  It had me at ‘hello’ and makes me feel like Cleopatra. ‘Nuff said and where is my bath of milk?

Let’s get one thing clear, Blog Reader – it’s not that often that you see me go mini-short. Not with a dress that is.  I can do short shorts, granted, but that’s mostly when I’m in casual-weekend-mode or keeping cool in the heat.  I’m willing to make an exception for this amazing Kim Copper Zipper Dress which I think is perfect for holiday parties – a super sexy number to get those legs out and dance the night away in.

Dress the Population are a brand I only discovered recently.  Designer Franklin Morales launched the first collection in the summer of 2011.  Developed and produced in Los Angeles, the styles are heavy on movement, asymmetry and edgy cuts.  Lots of dresses and skirts.  I like this outfit below – their snakeskin print maxi skirt with split and fitted bra/cropped top.

Jewel tones are also a signature.  I give you Exhibit A, below:

The label can be found in a number of stores and boutiques – check their Facebook page for further information.  You can buy this dress from Revolve – The Dress The Population online shop opens soon.

Anyone else with me on metallics for autumn / winter?  Anyone else shopping for their party dresses already (anyone?!)

Wearing: Kim Copper Zipper Dress from Dress The Population available at Revolve.  Heels, Mango.

Photos by the wonderful Lydia Hudgens. I’m shooting with this amazing lady in NYC next week when I return for a trip. Can’t wait!



  1. says

    “All hail Cleopatra! Kindred of Horus and of Ra, beloved of the Moon and the Sun, daughter of Isis and of Upper and Lower Egypt, Queen!” Apollodorus ~ “Cleopatra” 1963
    I think the dress is stunning. Love metallics anytime.

  2. says

    Awesome Dress & Photos. It Just need an elegant perfume & you are ready to go :)

    Let me see! …. Maybe Royal Arms Diamond Edition by Floris … Lovely indeed

    Thanks for the post.

  3. says

    This dress is divine. I realise that adjective is a bit over the top but I can come up with nothing else to describe the raptures that this post has left me in. I have been on the hunt for the perfect gold sequin mini skirt for some time now, having even found a near-perfect number at Zadig et Voltaire, but this beauty from Dress the Population puts them all to shame! Thank-you so much for the introduction to another amazing line, I am officially a fan :)

  4. says

    Your photos are gorgeous and it’s not at all too early to be thinking about party season dresses. I’m already starting to think about what I’m going to wear to my work’s christmas do!

  5. says

    I was going to write a mass of compliments in this comment but I decided to write only this. You can look amazing in absolutely anything. Even a bin bag would look like black silk-satin on you.

    … and I see where you are going with Cleopatra here ;)

  6. Nina says

    You look beautiful! I really hope you can help me quick. I want to order this, but I am in doubt of the size. I will fit the same size you are wearing, just need to know what that is?
    Keep doing what you do- you do it well!

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