Looking to Fall: Timo Weiland, J Crew, Graceship & Aldo

Let’s talk about traveling, Blog Reader.  I’ve always wanted to be an organized, efficient traveller, with the perfect capsule wardrobe and perfectly chic luggage…  Yes, Blog Reader, I would arrive at Heathrow airport with my large round sunglasses, skinny jeans and perfect hair a la Posh Spice like that long haul flight never happened.

My status as a Spice Girl as yet unconfirmed* I do have several things that are making traveling across the Atlantic easier this trip.  I was gifted this fabulous laptop bag from Graceship last month and it’s the perfect briefcase for my Apple mac and all my travel essentials.  Graceship have a series of three laptop bags: New York (mine), Chicago and London - New York is my favourite for its sophisticated and boxy shape, shoulder strap (not seen) and multiple interior pockets. London would look at home on Kate Middleton’s arm I’m sure!  New York however feels more me. I also like that it doesn’t appear too business-y for a laptop bag.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens.

You may remember my trip to Charleston last month and to the wonderful Hampden Clothing where owner Stacey pulled this pleated Timo Weiland skirt out for me from her sale selection.  It’s a proving a lovely transitional piece for the slight chill in the air in London** and I love wearing it with my silk Blythe Blouse from J Crew - a wardrobe staple of mine.  J Crew just introduced a new retro jade colour for the shirt that’s a fabulous aqua colour – on my wish list.

A few words on these shoes – I bought this pair from ALDO in their summer sale just recently at a great price.  ALDO still have some good reductions on high-heeled sandals – check out the site if you’re in the market for a pair.

This week in London has been a whirlwind.  I’ve had a lot of fun though.  I’m flying back to America on Tuesday, heading to Austin via NYC.  I’ll post some of my London trip photos soon – yesterday I had a fun brunch with Anna of South Molton St Style, Dearne of Notting Hill Girl and Briony of A Girl A Style followed by an impromptu photoshoot near Golden Square.  I also met the lovely Milla of Not Just Another Milla for a catch up – she has the best afternoon tea reviews I have ever read so be sure to check these out on her site.  Until next time, London…

Wearing: Blythe Blouse, J Crew; Heels, ALDO; Skirt, Timo Weiland from Hampden Clothing; New York laptop BagGraceship; Belt, COSChain Gold Plated Bracelet, Freddie & Cinnamon.

*OK ok so I did miss the boat on that one but I can do a mean ‘zig a zig ah’ after two large glasses of wine. Watch me.

**Technically still summer, feels like autumn, oh well London I still love you.



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    What a fabulous look! Smart and yet a little flirty. The big wide belt is the perfect touch. Reminds me of the wide belted look of the late 50′s early 60′s like Elizabeth Taylor wore in Butterfield-8. The bag is great. I wonder if it would work for a man? Oh and your in London! Can’t wait to see the pictures. What fun!

    • says

      There are a lot of statement belts around this summer – I return to this wide belt over and over, a great buy from COS. I like the Elizabeth Taylor reference, I just bought a new hat with a wide brim that makes me feel very Liz by the pool here in Austin…

      • says

        Oh yes I can see it now. The big hat she wore as she wrote postcards from the Costa Del Sol in “Suddenly Last Summer.” I bet you look stunning in it….pictures soon I hope?

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    I love how you put altogether the skirt, the blouse and your fab laptop bag! Being pregnant now and just got so inspired by our ensemble here, I’m looking forward to wearing something like this when I get back to shape and to the corporate world :)

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    What a stunning ensemble, Sarah! You really do knock it out of the park every time :) I’m still trying to figure out how to fly in a graceful and stylish manner, particularly when going overseas. As it stands, I believe my long haul flight this week confirmed that I do not qualify for Spice Girl status just yet. A slightly more practically-sized-for-my-extremely-petite-shoulders carry-on like this one from Graceship would likely be a good start, though! Good luck with your move, hope all goes well.

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      I bet you a zig-a-zig-ah-ing in Paris very soon Cee. You’ll be the queen of long haul flights too when you come back to visit home for sure. I’ve flown a bit too much this year if I am honest, but I have been trying to stay comfortable as well as not compromise on my style (I have seen so many travel disasters involving leggings this year haha)

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    That really is one fabulous laptop bag…it looks more handbag than business which is always a good thing. Just been catching up a little on your adventures and travels! Will you be making London a permanent thing? And in regard to Spice Girls….I feel they always lacked a Manhattan Hair Spice! xxx

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    Sarah, this ensemble is so chic and I think that there are very few ladies that can wear that lenght of skirt as well as you do! I completely understand the madeness of travelling and I’m still looking for the formula of a perfect ‘travel’ wardrobe, so I tend to keep it simple with a lot of basic white top that I can accessorise with big necklaces, skirt or jeans…Actually, now I have to prepare my trolley for my w-e in Italy for a family reunion…Hope everything is fine in Austin and please let me know when you are next in Europe!

    • says

      Caterina if you do a post on the perfect ‘travel’ wardrobe I should love to see it. Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m a huge fan of this midi length of skirt but I do sometimes find it difficult to know what to pair it with on the top. I’ll have to do some more outfit features with this same skirt soon.

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    Lovely Sarah! You know, there are many outfits that you wear that fit your body type to a T, yet do not work on my pear-shaped petite frame. This outfit, however, is a winner and it will totally work for me as well. Thanks! Also, I couldn’t find the skirt on the Timo Weiland website. What collection is it from? Thanks!

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